3.5kvA Inverter Price in Nigeria 2023

Inverters have changed the face of Nigeria over the years. In a nation with an unstable power supply, everyone tends to search for the best alternatives for their household and businesses.

Many have opted for solar panels while many others have opted for inverters; there are people who use a combination of both.

There are various types of inverters on the market. In fact, inverters have littered everywhere these days unlike when they were still hard to get. All you need is find one within your budget, purchase it and get an expert to install it for you.

If you live in an area where there is no stable power supply or you own a business that will need a constant power supply, a good solution is to get an inverter. Most Nigerians use generators but generators are very noisy and cause air pollution. Inverters are a good alternative because they cause no pollution and are very quiet. Just like generators, you will also find different sizes and types of inverters having different capacities.

If you’re searching for the prices of 3.5kva inverters in Nigeria but you don’t know where to find it, you’ve arrived at the best place as I’ll enlighten you on the various market prices.


Inverter Brands in Nigeria

There are so many manufacturers of inverters in the world. They make inverters in small and big sizes for different purposes and you can always find your desired type if you do your homework.

Some manufacturers who are well-known in Nigeria and their products are readily available while others are less-known. Below is a list of inverter brands available in Nigeria.

  • Bluegate
  • SuKam
  • iCell
  • Epsilon
  • Sinergy
  • Mpower
  • Mercury
  • Crown
  • Prag

There are others but these are some of the most popular inverter brands in Nigeria.


What Can a 3.5kvA Inverter Carry?

There are big inverters of about 20kvA to 50kvA and there are also small inverters of 1.5kvA to 5kvA.  The size of the inverter you need depends on the load it will carry. If you use a lot of appliances and machinery, it is better you opt for a big inverter but if you aim to use it for personal use only, you can use the small ones like the 3.5kvA model.

These inverters are very useful wherever you might find yourself. Imagine having an important program to watch on your TV then suddenly, the power company seizes the light. It may leave you frustrated but when you have a backup power supply, you’d still enjoy your movie or show until the end.

Most cyber cafe owners leverage the opportunity of using an inverter nowadays. They know how disappointing the power company can be and opt for inverters as backups. Since most UPS don’t last very long, such business owners turn to inverters to keep their systems running until they put on their generator sets. This has proven to be a very efficient alternative to the power supply in Nigeria.


How Much is 3.5kva Inverter in Nigeria?

Different brands come with different prices. On average, 3.5kva inverters cost as low as N100,000 and as high as N190,000. The exact price you get yours depend on factors like the brand, specs, and the seller.

Some can even sell as high as N500,000. All you need to do is to check out the specs and the most suitable one for your purpose and budget. The inverters can be purchased online in different stores like Konga, Kara, and Jumia. Be sure to carefully go through the specs and make your choice.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying an Inverter in Nigeria

If you need an inverter of high quality and one that is durable and reliable, there are some things you must consider before making your purchase. They include:



The amount of load that will be on the inverter determines the kind of power you need to buy. Some people might use their blender, television set, DVD, and many other things on their inverters while many others will only use it to watch the TV for some time. If you fall among the latter, then the 3.5kva inverter is the right one for you. You can decide to just use it for only your TV or whenever you have something important to do with your phone.



You don’t need to go overboard and buy something more than what you have in your pocket. It is always important that you stick to your budget when making a purchase. Sometimes you can plan to buy something today and get a very different taste when you get to the market. This is why you need to set a budget. If you have a budget, make sure it is set slightly above the normal price of the product. This will enable you to plan for unforeseen events and still get what you want.



The reason for buying an inverter is also a very important factor to consider. Many people use inverters for their business while some people use it for personal use. If you are in charge of a cyber cafe or have a business that will need a constant power supply, it is best that you go for big inverters. However, if you want to use it in your home or small office, you can opt for the smaller much cheaper size and still get the value you need.

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