Price of Arik Flight from Benin to Lagos 2023

Air is the fastest means of transportation.

Arik Air is one of the best airlines in Nigeria and their reputation remains unmatched.

Many people use this to fly for business meetings, vacations, weddings and other occasions.

They remain one of the most used and patronized airlines in Nigeria. Flying with Arik is a cool breeze as customers who have experienced an Arik flight have rated them as a conducive way to travel by air.

It operates mainly from two hubs in Nigeria; the first hub is Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos state and the second hub is Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

You must have surely seen or heard of this airline before. Arik Air is one of the most popular airlines in Nigeria along with Dana and many others. It has its general office at the Arik Air Aviation Center at Murtala Muhammed Airport.


When was Arik Air Established?

This airline was founded in 2002 and has been in operation since October 2006 without stopping. It also has a secondary hub at Kokota International Airport.

Also called the “Wings of Nigeria”, many have argued that this is the best airline to travel. The company has a huge reputation in Nigeria.

In 2008, the US Department of Transportation gave this airline permission to fly into the United States. It is credible and reputable among other airlines.


Flight Time from Benin to Lagos

Flying from Benin to Lagos does not take much time. The total time of flight is an average of 50 minutes.

However, this time may vary due to the airline. Some may arrive in less than 50 minutes while some may arrive later than 50 minutes, but the average time is 50 minutes.

If you are willing to travel from Benin to Lagos by air, it is best you book an early flight to avoid spending more. Early flights are sometimes hard to book because of the large number of people that may be booking their tickets at the same time. Nevertheless, you are advised to go early.

Let’s dive into the main reason for this post and look at the cost of Arik flight from Benin to Lagos.




How Much is Arik Flight Ticket from Benin to Lagos?

There are different classes of price tickets that Arik offers its passengers. So, the cost of the flight from Lagos to Benin varies as well as other destinations.

How much you spend depends on the flight you book. Sometimes, you might book that same ticket at different costs on the same day. That is how the variation goes. There are some factors that affect the prices such as weather condition, demand for the flight, time of flight, and a few other factors. If you are travelling early in the morning, the price tends to be cheaper than other times of the day.

The prices based on the category of passengers are given below.

Economy: Cost of economy flight for Arik Air from Benin to Lagos costs anywhere around N15,000 to N25,000

First Class: A first-class flight from Benin to Lagos costs around N35,000 to N45,600.

Return tickets from Benin to Lagos costs around N30,000 to N42,000 for economy flight while first-class flight costs N60,000 to N85,000.

These aren’t fixed costs because some factors alter the prices; they determine the variation of the prices. Click here to check the current price of Arik flight from Benin to Lagos today.


Advantages of Air Transportation

As I said earlier, air transport is the fastest way to travel. Apart from this, it is the most convenient and stress-free way.

There are so many things you avoid on the road when travelling by air. There is no such thing as a traffic jam and you have total rest all through your journey. There are so many advantages of air transportation. Some of them are listed below.


1. Speed: Air transport is by far the fastest way to travel. Passengers and goods can be transported by air within a short period of time. The time taken is not up to half of the road transport. For example, travelling by air from Lagos to Abuja takes only 45 minutes while road transport takes up to 8 hours, depending on your location in Lagos state.


2. No obstacles/barriers: When travelling by air, you will be free from physical barriers. There are no obstacles in the air and your flight goes smoothly. There are no traffic officials, rivers, hills, or anything that may hinder the speed and time to reach your destination. Sometimes, when travelling by road, you have to avoid certain things and go all around it just to get to your destination even if it is right in front of you. If there is any physical barrier there, you have to avoid it.


3. Transport of goods: This is the most convenient way to transport bulky goods. There are cargo planes designed only for the transportation of goods in bulk.


Disadvantages of Air Transportation

Here are some of the disadvantages of travelling by air.


1. High cost: This is the most expensive means of transportation in the world. Travelling by air costs way more than road transport.


2. Risk: Air accidents are usually deadlier than any other, but travelling by road is still more dangerous because of the number of vehicles moving at the same time. The rate of road accidents is way more than the rate of plane crashes.


Final Thoughts

Arik flight tickets are always available for booking and it can be said that this is the easiest flight to book in Nigeria.

Arik has gone so advanced that you can also book a flight from your laptop or smartphone. Once you have an internet connection, all you have to do is log in to their official website, book a flight, insert your details and you will be shown your seat number, time of flight, date of flight and every other important detail about the flight you just booked.

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