Prices of Binatone Blenders in Nigeria 2023

The kitchen is an important part of the home. A complete kitchen has the necessary utensils and appliances including a blender.

Blenders are very useful in the preparation of fruit juice, ground pepper, and several other food items. The market abounds various types and brands of blenders that are available at different prices.

This article focuses on the prices of Binatone blenders and also contains some information about the Binatone company, a review of some of the best Binatone blenders, and where to buy Binatone blenders in Nigeria.

Even though the brand is a popular one and their products are readily available, there are accredited outlets that only sell original and high-quality products shipped directly from the company. Read on to see their addresses.


About Binatone

Binatone is an old electronics company founded in the UK. It was established in 1958 and has been spreading its tentacles to several countries and continents. Binatone is a household name in Nigeria and they are known for manufacturing home appliances like blenders, hair clippers, kettles, gas cookers, electric cookers, juicers, irons, washing machines, mixers and processors, air fryers, garment steamers, and several others.

The brand is known for delivering high-quality products at affordable market prices. They use their (more than a half-century of) experience to serve customers with lifestyle improving products. This keeps them ahead of their competition.


Where to Buy Binatone Blenders in Nigeria

There are countless places to buy in the country. Most local stores that sell home appliances offer them for sale because they’re popular and in high demand.

There are, however, some accredited outlets endorsed by the company. Buying from these outlets increases your chances of getting the original high-quality product you desire. They’re categorized into 2; showrooms and online stores.



These are the official stores to buy Binatone blenders offline.

Southwestern Region

Showroom 1

  • Address: Plot 1, Block A, Afprint Industrial Estate 122 – 132, Oshodi/Apapa Express Way, Iyana-Isolo, Lagos
  • Phone: 08079393571


Showroom 2

  • Address: 104, Olateju Street Off Vono Road, Mushin, Lagos
  • Phone: 08023132440


Showroom 3

  • Address: Shop 1 – 4, Oba Ashiwaju Ikotun Shopping Complex, Ikotun, Lagos
  • Phone: 08033478464


Southeastern Region

Showroom 1

  • Address: No 238, Aba Road, Onyejieke Plaza, Port Harcourt
  • Phone: 08079393572


Showroom 2

  • Address: No 38, Niger Drive, GRA, Onitsha
  • Phone: 08079393591


Northern Region

Showroom 1

  • Address: Plot 759, Bassan Plaza, Ground Floor, Block F, Central Business District, Opposite Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja
  • Phone: 08114416883



The company also ensures that their products are readily available online since there are many customers who would rather place an order from their smartphones or PCs and have the items delivered to their homes. For purchase online, visit either of these stores.

  • Store Link:
  • Store Link:




Binatone Blenders Prices in Nigeria

  • Binatone Blender/Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG 555 MK2: N9,000 – N12,000
  • Binatone Blender With Grinder With Unbreakable Jar: N10,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender/Smoothie Maker-BLS 350 MK2: N10,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender/Grinder BLG-402: N12,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender BLG-675-SS: N25,000 – N30,000
  • Binatone Blender 1.5 L BLG-403: N11,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender/Grinder with a Stirring Stick – BLG-450 MK2: N13,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender BLG452: N12,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender BLG-605 SS: N22,000 – N25,000
  • Binatone Blender With Grinder BLG-699: N15,000 – N20,000
  • Binatone Blender with Grinder BLG 595 Mk2: N12,000 – N15,000
  • Binatone Blender BLG-451: N13,000 – N15,000


5 Best Binatone Blenders to Buy

1 Binatone Blender BLG 403

This is a well-designed blender that’s crafted to give you your desired output while putting safety in mind. The 1.5L blender blends your food item just as you want it. It comes with a grinder that can be used for coffee beans, meat, spices, and nuts.

The blender features the safety lock mechanism that makes sure your blender works only when it is in a safe working condition.

The stainless steel blades produce an even output and the stir-stick pushes down ingredients. It’s good to know that the blender is designed to allow you to add ingredients to your food item while it is blending.


2 Binatone Blender BLG 450 MK2

Binatone BLG 450 blender is suitable for grinding nuts, coconuts, spices, and coffee beans. It has a power rating of 300W to 350W; this means you can conveniently use it with a small “I pass myself” generator without worrying about electrical damage.

This is a handy blender when you need to prepare milkshakes, fruit juice, or any cocktail. As with other Binatone blenders, BLG 450 also comes with safety in mind. It features a splash-proof lid and supports the safety lock technology. It comes with 2 speed and pulse mode to give you more control over your device.


3 Binatone Blender BLG 452

This is yet another blender that gives you as many features as you’ll need. It is manufactured with 4 buttons to enable you to operate it easily. And they’re vertically arranged to compliment the beauty of the blender.

The black button, which is the first on the top, is labelled “PULSE”, the two buttons immediately beneath it are labelled “HI” and “LO”, and the last button, which is red, is labelled “OFF”. These buttons are placed in a perfect position for a quick and easy reach.


4 Binatone Blender BLG 595 MK2

BLG 595 is a more advanced blender with some additional features. It’s an ice crusher that is suitable for dry milling of nuts and beans. And this can be done on speed or pulse modes. The blender features a 500W copper motor that powers the blades enclosed by the unbreakable jar. These stainless steel blades are effective in their operation.

Concerning safety, the unit supports safety lock technology. In addition to that, it comes with the overheat protection that prevents your blender from overheating due to long-term use. Beneath the device is a storage space for keeping your cord safe and protected.


5 Binatone Blender BLG 600S (MK2)

This blender is crafted with a motor that’s 100% copper. Its glass jar has a capacity of 1.5L to contain and blend your food item efficiently. The special stainless steel blades fixed to this device are capable of crushing ice and dry milling of spices, nuts, and coffee beans.

Binatone Blender BLG 600S is packed with a splash-proof lid that makes provision for an inlet to allow you to add ingredients during the blending process. This is an important feature, especially when you forget to add an ingredient before blending. It helps you to quickly solve the problem and makes sure that all ingredients blend well.

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