Cheap Used Cars for Sale in Nigeria: Legit Places to Buy From

Used cars are usually the best option for those on a tight budget. These cars have been driven by their owners before being put up on sale for one reason or the other.

Buying a used car in Nigeria is a huge bargain. There are many car dealers that are ready to sell scrap cars to you as long as they take home their profit. This is why you should always do enough research before you start your search for the perfect car.

Also, take a professional with you for car inspection and ensure that the car is in a good working condition before finalizing the purchase.

Before I show you the legit places to buy cheap used cars in Nigeria, here are some things you need to understand about used cars.


Foreign Used Cars

These are cars that have been used anywhere else other than Nigeria. These cars could be from the UK or the USA. They are usually the best option to consider when going for used cars as they tend to last longer and perform better than other options.

There is a saying that foreign used cars are more durable than locally used cars. This means that you can drive your foreign used car around for several years before you’ll have to consider changing the entire car.


Locally Used Cars

Locally used cars are cars that have been driven within the shores of Nigeria. They are usually less expensive than foreign used cars (could cost half the price), however, they don’t last just as long. These cars have been subjected to the harsh surfaces of Nigerian roads and could require maintenance every now and then.

If you choose to go for this type of car, then you need to inspect every nook and cranny of it before completing the purchase.


Where to Get Cheap Used Cars for Sale in Nigeria

Below are the legit places you can buy cheap used cars in Nigeria.


On-Ground Markets

On-ground markets refer to places you can walk into and make car deals. For those who live far away from a trusted car dealership market, this may not be possible.

To avoid buying a stolen car, make sure you go through the car documents and confirm that the car is in a good working condition before taking it home.


Online Markets

In a bid to make car purchases very easy, especially for those who can’t seem to find the perfect one in any on-ground car market, several car dealers created online platforms where car importers can sell their cars and buyers get a lot of options to choose from.

Below are the legit online car dealerships where you can purchase used cars.



Jumia is one of the most trusted e-commerce stores in Nigeria. It also has an online marketplace for buying and selling of a wide variety of products. Among the products are models of used cars from some of the most popular car brands in the country.

  • Website address:
  • Experience Center: 11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos
  • Phone Number: 018881100

If you’re looking for a reliable site where you can purchase foreign and locally used cars in Nigeria, then you should try out

You’ll find a lot of car dealers and private sellers displaying their products on this site. Usually, the prices displayed on this site are negotiable. But avoid purchasing incredibly cheap cars or you’ll end up with a used vehicle that breaks up every now and then.

  • Website address:
  • Email:



Cheki is a reliable online marketplace where buyers can purchase cars without stress. The site offers one of the best services that has made it a favourite option for most Nigerians seeking to buy used cars.

  • Website address:
  • Phone Numbers: +234-08139859971
  • Email:


Naija Auto

Naija Auto is one of the best sites for people on a tight budget to purchase cars. This is because the site has one of the largest car inventories with different models from many popular brands.

If you also wish to sell your car, you can easily do so by creating an account on the site and displaying your ads. If you have any problem with the process, you can contact the customer service and expect a professional response.

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +234-809-701-4856
  • Email:


Tokunbo Cars Nigeria

Tokunbo is a popular word in Nigeria used to refer to “second-hand” or “used” items. Just like its name, Tokunbo Cars Nigeria is an online marketplace where you can purchase used cars without worries.

The site is quite popular and trusted by many Nigerian car dealers and car buyers. Another great thing about this site is that you can choose to meet with the dealer to inspect the car and ensure that it’s in good working conditions before finalizing the purchase.

  • Website address:
  • Physical address: 7, Oyinlola Street, Akowonjo, Lagos
  • Phone Number: 09060196754
  • Email:


Spicy Auto

On Spicy Auto, you can purchase a wide range of vehicle types including SUVs, saloons, pickups, jeeps, vans, motorbikes, buses, and trailers.

Aside from being an online marketplace for cars, Spicy Auto also offers other services like free car evaluation. This service helps individuals to determine the value of their car before putting it up for sale.

  • Website address:
  • Phone Number: 0812 543 4770
  • Email:


Carnot Automart

Carnot Automart is another trusted option. On the site, you can buy both foreign and locally used cars as well as spare parts for your vehicle. You can also hire a driver or mechanic.

  • Website address:
  • Phone Number: +234 (0) 9055566881
  • WhatsApp: +234 (0) 8152683517
  • Email:
Olx Nigeria

On Olx, you can find a lot of car dealers advertising their products. The options on the site make it easy for you to pick out the best option whether you’re on a tight budget or not.

  • Website address:

Update: Olx is now Jiji

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