Price of Flight Ticket from Lagos to Owerri 2023

The total time it takes to reach the southeastern city of Owerri from Lagos is approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes by road.

But that time gets cut down significantly if you opt for a commercial flight instead of travelling by road.

Choosing to travel by air means you’ll enjoy extra comfort while travelling and spend just about 1 hour and 5 minutes on transit.

This time estimate is based on the average flight speed of a commercial plane which travels at about 500mph coupled with the time it takes to taxi on the runaway on takeoffs and arrivals.

If you reside in Lagos or just recently visited, and need to travel by air to Owerri, here’s a list of local flight prices from Lagos to Owerri and a few other things that may come handy.


Flight Booking from Lagos to Owerri

The process involved from booking your flight to actually boarding the plane to your destination might seem a little too hectic or problematic, especially for first-timers. However, getting every detail right is quite simple if you follow the generally laid down rules. If you aren’t really big on the whole flight booking and preparation thing, hiring a flight booking agent is always a recommended option. By doing so, you can conveniently outsource the seemingly complex part while you just cruise down to the airport and board your flight whenever it is scheduled.

Booking your flight online is also another recommended option. There are a number of flight booking services where you can book your flight and handle required paperwork at the convenience of your home.


Cost of Flight from Lagos to Owerri

The Lagos to Owerri air route transport service is offered mainly by two airlines; Dana Air and Air Peace – and to a little extent by Arik Air via connecting flights. An average of 2 flights departs Lagos to Owerri daily carrying hundreds of passengers between the two cities.

The prices of the flight ticket between the two cities depend on the time the flight was booked. The farther the time the flight was booked from the time the flight is scheduled the cheaper the flight ticket. Below is the average cost of flight tickets from Lagos to Owerri by the two main airlines servicing the air route.

Price of Dana Air flight from Lagos to Owerri (One-way ticket)

Economy class – ₦18,000 to ₦25,000

Business Class – ₦45,000 to ₦60,000


Price of Air Peace flight from Lagos to Owerri (One-way ticket)

Economy – ₦20,000 to ₦30,000




Tips On Boarding a Local Flight

Preflight prep

There’s a significant difference between preflight prep for local flights and that of an international flight. It’s always a good practice to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the time your flight is scheduled. This will afford you extra time to rest before the flight and check to see that you’ve gotten all the preflight details right. Apart from outrightly missing your flight because of arriving late, you could be denied entry if all preflight details were not taken care of and on time.


Security checks

Also, while the security checks are super tight for international flights, they may be light for local flights. Nonetheless, don’t be alarmed if the airport security staff get a little overzealous; they may be acting on “intelligence report” on “possible terror activities” or so as they sometimes claim. Irrespective of their motives, it’s usually in the best interest of all passengers to cooperate fully with airport security, at least if you intend boarding the flight you paid for.

Similarly, do not take your personal security and that of your luggage lightly if you still want everything intact when you arrive at your destination. Arriving early to check-in your luggage on time is a good way to start. Also, ensure to give only the official airport staff your luggage and only at the check-in point. It’s not entirely rare to hear of cases of pilferage of luggage by workers who are not authorized to handle passenger’s luggage.


Baggage security

Air travel in Nigeria could be a lovely adventure one minute and turn to a bizarre nightmare the next. To put it succinctly, it’s simply far from perfect. Apart from air mishaps, missing luggage is one of the greatest nightmares for air travellers. You have your Gucci fabrics packed and check-in at the airport before flying but the story seems a little cloudy when you arrive at your destination. There have been numerous cases of passengers losing their luggage because they were either stolen by miscreants or wrongly processed by airport workers.

The Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos is unarguably Nigeria’s busiest airport, handling about 106 flights (on a daily basis), which convey an estimated 7 million passengers yearly. Unfortunately, the not-so-reliable state of technology at the airport means there are greater loopholes in baggage management. There’s an estimated 20 to 30 reported cases of missing or delayed luggage on a daily basis.

Most local airlines don’t stick to global standards in baggage management. Instead of using baggage carousels and printed baggage tags, workers responsible for handling baggage use handwritten tags which can easily wear or tear off making the luggage hard to identify and returned to the owners. Some luggage could also be exempted from a flight if their weights exceed the allowed limit for that particular flight. This is why it’s particularly important to find out details of the flight and the weight restrictions on check-in luggage

If you, unfortunately, become a victim of missing or delayed luggage, the next and probably best course of action is to contact your airline immediately. There, you should be issued a Passenger Irregularity Form (PIR) to help the airline make sense of the exact item you missed and how you missed it.

The information requested in the PIR, if accurate, can be used to track your luggage across major airports in the world at least for the next hundred days of missing. It’s usually the responsibility of the Nigerian Airport Handling Company PLC (NAHCO) to handle passenger’s luggage on airports across the country. You stand greater chances of recovering your luggage if you involve them alongside your airline that’s bound by the law to respond to your missing luggage complaints.

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