Nigeria to China Flight Ticket Price in 2023

China has shocked the whole world with its recent development over the past few years. The country, which is the most populous nation in the world, is now considered the third most powerful country in the world after the United States and Russia.

China is developed to the point that it blocked some important social figures like Google and Facebook for some certain reasons but its citizens don’t feel affected.

There are amazing stories of technology inventions by this fascinating Asian country. This is one reason why Nigerians love to visit the country and search online for the price of flight tickets to China.

Before travelling to any distant place, it is important you do enough research about the place to enable you to get the most out of your trip. This will also give you a heads up on what to expect in your new environment.

There are so many awesome things about China which include the Chinese New Year celebration that lasts for 15 days. You can always search online for other jaw-dropping facts.

When travelling by flight, you will find a lot of airlines available and each of them has its own ticket price range. In this post, I’ll cover all there is to know about travelling to China from Nigeria including the time of flight, various airlines that take the route, price of the ticket, factors that may affect the time of flight, and the best time to book a ticket.


Booking a Flight to China

Generally, most people love to take the early morning flight. This is because the tickets are cheaper around this time and it gives a chance to settle well and rest before beginning any business of the day.

The most important thing about travelling to China from Nigeria is actually in the booking of the flight. With the aid of technology in the modern age, you can book your flight from your home and get all the important details you need about the flight in just a matter of minutes.

You can also pay for your flight ticket directly from your mobile phone or PC. All that will be required is just to input your correct details. It’s that easy.


How Long is a flight from Nigeria to China?

Based on calculations and estimations, the time of flight from Nigeria to China is approximately 13 hours. The exact time of flight from one place to another may vary from one airline to another.

There are several factors that affect the time of flight from Nigeria to China. Some planes get there earlier than the estimated time while some get there later than the estimated time.

Route. There are different routes to China. Some of these routes are long while some are short. A plane may decide to take a longer route than another. This may result in getting to the destination hours later than the estimated time.

Speed. The speed of flight also matters because different aeroplanes travel at a different speed.

Stopover. Some airlines have more stopovers than others. This can also affect the time of flight from Nigeria to China.


Cost of Cheap Flights from Nigeria to China

There is actually no fixed price of the ticket from Nigeria to China. It is important to note that each airline has its own specific price for each flight and this may change anytime.

There are many factors that can affect the price of tickets. Early tickets are cheaper than all other tickets at any other time of the day. Sometimes, the weather condition may also affect the price of tickets.

The prices listed below are ranges from different airlines. Airlines may change their prices at any time, but these are the average prices for each respective airline.

The list contains the price of tickets of British Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines among others. These are some of the top airlines in the world and they cover a lot of destinations.

  • Turkish Airlines: Economy flight costs N600,000 to N900,000
  • Etihad Airlines: Economy flight costs N350,000 to N700,000 while business class flight costs N900,000 to N1,000,000
  • Qatar Airways: Economy flight costs N400,000 to N800,000 while business class flight costs N1,000,000 to N1,200,000
  • KLM Royal Dutches: Economy flight costs N550,000 to N1,000,000 while business class flight costs N1,300,000 to N2,000,000
  • Lufthansa: Economy flight costs N900,000 to N1,300,000
  • Emirates Airlines: Economy flight costs N500,000 to N900,000 while business flight costs N1,000,000 to N1,800,000
  • Ethiopian Airlines: Economy flight costs N550,000 to N800,000 while business class tickets costs N1,300,000 to N1,900,000
  • Air France: Economy flight costs N900,000 to N1,300,000 while business class costs N1,300,000 to N1,800,000


Note that these are the prices of one-way tickets to China and not return tickets. These prices may also change at any time, depending on the airline and other factors.


Places to Visit in China

There are beautiful places you can see in China. It’s a country blessed with some of the best sites in the world.

There are a lot of tourist centres in China. Hong Kong is one place everybody certainly wants to visit someday, but there are other cool destinations like Shangai, The Great Wall of China, Beijing, Lhasa, The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and a lot more. China is blessed with amazing artefacts and rich history.


Wrap Up

While travelling to China, it is important that you know as much as possible about the particular city or cities you will be visiting and how much flight tickets you will book to get there. The ticket may be more expensive when you book it late, so it is better to book an early flight to save money.

I’ve covered pretty much everything about travelling to China including the costs of the flight ticket, time of flight and places to visit when you are in China. I hope you find this helpful.

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