Price of Flight Ticket from Uyo to Lagos 2023

Travelling from Uyo to Lagos on land involves a rather stressful 12 hours journey covering about 675km stretch of land.

Usually, this involves navigating through the traffic bugged Sagamu-Benin expressway and a handful of roads that aren’t in a particularly motorable condition.

However, if you choose to travel by air, you’d immediately be able to cut down on the distance and, ultimately, the time it takes to get to Lagos from Akwa Ibom state capital, Uyo.

Currently, and until another airport springs up in the state, your flight will depart from Akwa Ibom Airport (Uyo) and land at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (Lagos). The average flying distance from Uyo to Lagos is 327 miles, which is equal to about 526 km.

This means that you cut out a total distance of 149km by opting for air travel. With a considerably reduced travelling distance coupled with the fact that aeroplanes are much faster than cars, it takes an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Lagos from Uyo travelling on a commercial flight.

If you are planning your next (or first) trip to Lagos from Uyo, or just curious about the estimated cost, I’ve put together a short list of prices of the flight ticket from Uyo to Lagos.


Cost of Flight from Uyo to Lagos

Dana Air remains the main airline servicing the Uyo to Lagos air route. Air peace is currently on the verge of normalizing activities for this route, but Dana air remains the single and surest option for now. The prices listed below may vary sharply different times of the day and how close the time of booking the flight is to the time the flight is scheduled.


Dana Air flight from Uyo to Lagos Price

Economy class – one-way ticket

  • Direct Flight –  ₦23,000 to ₦29,000
  • One stopover – ₦40,000 to ₦45,000


Business class – one-way ticket

  • Direct Flight – ₦45,000 to ₦55,000
  • One Stopover – ₦85,000 to ₦95,000


Economy class – two-way ticket

  • Direct Flight – ₦48,000 to ₦52,000
  • One stopover –  ₦78,000 to ₦88,000


Business class – two-way ticket

  • Direct Flight – ₦90,000 to ₦98,000
  • One Stopover – ₦148,000 to ₦164,000


Dana air currently has a fleet of 4 aircraft servicing its local flight routes. Its aircraft fleet consists of 3 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and 1 McDonnell Douglas MD-82. You can also book Air peace flight online or through a travel agent. Air peace currently has a fleet of 22 modern aircraft and is currently among the best airline company in the country.




What to Carry Along on Local Flights

Even the most experienced air travellers sometimes get confused with airline baggage rules. Although it’s really nothing that complex, it really isn’t that straightforward either just like every other thing with air travel.

For virgin air travellers, the first thing to try figuring out is which of your luggage could be classified as cabin luggage or check-in luggage. Its a common mistake for first-time travellers to get confused and try carrying check-in luggage with them when going towards the boarding area.


Cabin Luggage

Just in case you don’t get the whole cabin and check-in luggage thingy, cabin luggage are the baggage you can carry along with you as you board the plane. They may be placed under your seat or inside the overhead cabin next to you. They are allowed to enable passengers to carry along their medications, important documents, some cash and other valuables. For local Nigerian airlines, the weight of cabin bags is usually less than 8kg per passenger. Anything heavier than that is classified as a hold or check-in luggage.

Nonetheless, the recommended weight of cabin bags may vary across different local airlines. On a domestic flight like that of uyo to Lagos, the airline staff will likely only allow cabin bags that’s just enough to take what you may need to access while on the flight. Importantly, cabin bags also have to be of a certain dimension, regardless of the weight range. This rule is enforced to make sure cabin bags can fit in the provided cabin space on the aeroplane.


Check-in Luggage

Check-in luggage, on the other hand, are heavier bags or suit cases you need to travel with. They include things like suit cases, heavier backpacks or even large sized electronics. You typically check them in at the check-in area, and they travel differently in the belly of the plane on the same flight. You will then have to go pick them up at the baggage claim area when your flight reaches its destination.

Usually, most airlines, restrict their check-in luggage weight to below 25kg. Different local airlines have different rules on how many check-in luggage you can carry along per flight ticket. Different rules may apply depending on whether you’re flying economy, business or first class. It’s a good idea to find out the airline’s policy on baggage restriction even before booking your flight.

Depending on the airline and duration of the local flight, you may be served some light snacks. You usually won’t need to pay for this. However, if hunger comes knocking real hard, some airlines have the option to pay for some extra snacks in-flight. You may not necessarily need to pay with cash as most airlines now have card readers to handle those payment tasks. But don’t put too much hope on in-flight refreshment, especially on local flights.

Also, don’t be too disappointed if the only semblance of in-flight entertainment you get is boring videos on a tiny screen. Sitting still for the preflight prep and the over 1 hour it takes to arrive Lagos from Uyo may be a little boring. You might want to pack some extra entertainment kits like books to keep yourself occupied throughout the period of the flight.


Wrapping It Up

If you still feel unsure about some details of your flight,  most airlines have written guidelines especially for those travelling on air for the first time. Just in case you don’t still get all the information you need, local airlines now have friendly customer service representatives. You should be able to access their customer service team either over the phone, by visiting or online. You should be able to throw out any reasonable question and get a quick response.

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