Generator Prices in Nigeria (2019) Plus Complete Buying Guide

The continuous epileptic power supply in Nigeria has led to a continuously booming generator market as more Nigerians seek for a more reliable means of power supply.

As more Nigerians strive for this alternative, generator brands work even harder to make their generator sets more efficient and effective and also produce generator sets with various capacities at affordable prices to suit every income level.

This means that low-income Nigerians can also afford this alternative means of power.

This review showcases the price list of generators in Nigeria from popular brands. It also contains a buying guide to help you to chose the model that best suit your needs.


Where to Buy Generators in Nigeria

Buying Online

You can buy generators from e-commerce (online stores) sites like Jumia and Konga; these sites might offer generators at a higher price due to added costs of delivery.

It is important to check user reviews and seller authenticity before finalizing your purchase to ensure you are buying from a trusted seller. Also, check the warranty and return policy in the case for a faulty generator or wrong model.


Buying Offline

You can either buy your generator from the manufacturer (brand owners) offices or from their distributors nationwide.

It is advisable to buy from the manufacturer’s office to enjoy free delivery services offered by some brands like Mikano. If you can’t get it from the manufacturer’s office, then buying from a distributor should be your next option.

Before finalizing the purchase, test-run the generator at the seller’s location to ensure it works effectively and efficiently. Also, inspect for leakages and missing or faulty features.


Factors Affecting Prices of Generators in Nigeria

Below, I’m going to list the prices of generators of every capacity and their brands. These prices are not static and will vary depending on your location, season, and salesperson.

If you noticed, sometimes generators of the same capacities but different brands have different prices. This is due to the quality of each generator and its features. The fact that a generator of a certain brand and capacity is more expensive than another from a different brand but the same capacity doesn’t mean it will be more reliable, efficient, or last longing.

It is important to check the reputation of a brand through user reviews and popularity before settling from any model from that brand.


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Best Generator Brands in Nigeria and Their Prices

Below you will find the generator prices by brand in the following order:

  • Honda
  • Tiger
  • Sumec Firman
  • Elepaq
  • Thermocool
  • Elemax
  • Lutian
  • Mikano
  • Senci
  • Maxi
  • Hyundai
  • Lister
  • Perkins
  • Kipor
  • FG Wilson


Honda Generators Prices In Nigeria

Honda EM650Z Generator – 450VA  N52, 000 – N55, 000

Honda EB1000 Generator  750VA  N55, 000 – N58, 000

Honda EB3000 Generator (Recoil Start)  2.3KVA   N110, 000 – N125, 000

Honda EB3000S Generator (Key Start)  2.3KVA  N125, 000 – N135, 000

Honda EG4000 Generator  3.2KVA  N190, 000 – N200, 000

Honda EG6500 Generator  5.0KVA  N260, 000 – N280, 000

Honda EU65iS Generator with built-in Inverter  5.5KVA  N630, 000 – N660,000


Tiger Generators Prices In Nigeria

Tiger TG950  650VA  N25,000 – N35,000

Tiger TG2700  2KVA  N60,000 – N95,000

Tiger TG1850  1.2KVA  N40,000 – N85,000

Tiger TG3700  2.5KVA  N75,000 – N105,000

Tiger TNG2500A  2KVA  N65,000 – N120,000

Tiger TNG3500A  2.5KVA  N80,000 – N120,000

Tiger EC2500CX  2KVA  N90,000 – N140,000

Tiger EC3800CX  2.5KVA  N99,500 – N140,000

Tiger EPN4000DX  2.5KVA  N80,000 – N150,000


Sumec Firman Generators Prices In Nigeria

Sumec Firman   1.1KVA  N35,000 – N50,000

Sumec Firman  1.8KVA  N40,000 – N52,000

Sumec Firman  2.0KVA  N65,000 – N75,000

Sumec Firman   2.5KVA  N68,000 – N79,000

Sumec Firman  2.9KVA  N88,000 – N109,000


Elepaq Generators Prices In Nigeria

Elepaq ECO 2200S Generator  1.4KVA  N34,000

Elepaq Generator 1.8KVA  N36,000 – N47,000

Elepaq ECS200CX Manual Generator  2.8KVA  N50,000 – N65,000

Elepaq Generator  3.2KVA  N55,000 – N75,000

Elepaq Generator  3.5KVA  N56,000 – N76,000

Elepaq Generator  4.5KVA  N58,000 – N80,000


Thermocool Generators Prices In Nigeria

Thermocool Generator  6.75KVA  N329,500 – N375,000

Thermocool Optima 9200 Remote  7.5KVA  N273,000 – N320,000

Thermocool Optima 7500 Remote  6.25KVA  N246,200 – N295,000

Thermocool Generator  6.0KVA  N240,500 – N270,000

Thermocool Generator  5.0KVA  N217,500 – N270,000

Thermocool Generator  4.0KVA  N217,000 – N250,000

Thermocool Generator  3.0KVA  N107,000 – N170,000

Thermocool Generator  3.5KVA  N120,900 – N170,000

Thermocool 3800ES Generator  4.1KVA  N148,000 – N210,000

Thermocool Generator  2.5KVA  N107,500 – N150,000

Thermocool Generator  2.0KVA  N85,700 – N115,000

Thermocool Generator  1.25KVA  N61,500 – N85,000

Thermocool Generator  1KVA  N50,800 – N75,000


Elemax Generators Prices In Nigeria

Elemax SH7600EX  5.6KVA N555,000 – N650,000

Elemax SH5300EX  3.8KVA  N400,000 – N550,000

Elemax SH4600EX  3.2KVA  N185,000

Elemax SH3900EX  2.8KVA  N288,000 – N310,000

Elemax SH3200EX  2.2KVA  N239,000 – N285,000

Elemax SV2800S  2KVA  N193,000 – N250,000

Elemax SH11000  8.5KVA  N1,390,000 – N1,900,000

Elemax Diesel SHT25D  20KVA  N3,350,000

Elemax Diesel SHT15D  14KVA  N2,950,000


Lutian Generators Prices In Nigeria

Lutian LT3990E  3.2KVA  N77,500 – N105,000

Lutian LT2500  2.5KVA  N70,000 – N 120,000

Lutian LT8000  7.5KVA  N218,000 – N 310,000

Lutian LT3600E  3.2KVA  N75,000 – N 95,000

Lutian LT7990E  6.3kVA  N193,000 – N245,000

Lutian 36100  2.7KVA  N73,000 – N115,000

Lutian LT1800  1KVA  N39,000 – N75,000

Lutian LT10990  8.8KVA  N260,000 – N300,000

Lutian 5GF-LDEX (Silent Diesel Generator) 5.5KVA N350,000 – N450,000


Mikano Generators Prices In Nigeria

Mikano power generator [403-11G]  9KVA  N2,500,000 – N3,000,000

Mikano power generator [403-15G]  13KVA  N2,80,000 – N3,200,000

Mikano power generator [403-15G2]  15KVA  N2,900,000 – N3,400,000

Mikano power generator [404-22G]  20KVA  N3,100,000 – N3,550,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33G]  30KVA   800,000 – N4,000,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG1]  40KVA  N4,300,000 – N4,500,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG1]  50KVA  N4,400,000 – N4,600,000

Mikano power generator [1103-33TG2]  60KVA  N4,900,000 – N5,200,000

Mikano power generator [1104-44TG1] 65KVA  N5,100,000 – N5,300,000

Mikano power generator [1104-44TG2]  80KVA   N5,450,000 – N5,700,000

Mikano power generator [1104-TAG2]  100KVA  N6,350,000 – N6,700,000

Mikano power generator [1106-TG1]  135KVA  N8,200,000 – N8,400,000

Mikano power generator [1106-TAG2]  150KVA  N9,300,000 – N9,500,000

Mikano power generator [1106C-E66TAG4]  180KVA  N10,700,000 – N11,000,000

Mikano power generator [1106-TAG4]  200KVA  N12,000,000 – N12,200,000

Mikano power generator [1306-E87TAG6]  250KVA  N14,800,000 – N15,000,000

Mikano power generator [1606A-E93TAG5]  300KVA   N19,100,000 – N19,400,000

Mikano power generator [2206A-E13TAG2]  350KVA  N20,000,000 – N20,100,000

Mikano power generator [2206A-E13TAG3] 400KVA  N23,000,000 – N23,500,000

Mikano power generator [2506A-E15TAG2]  500KVA  N26,000,000 – N27,000,000

Mikano power generator [2806A-E18TAG2]  650KVA  N35,500,000 – N36,200,000

Mikano power generator [4006-23TAG3A]  800KVA  N52,000,000 – N53,500,000


Senci Generators Prices In Nigeria

Senci SC4000  2.5KVA  N89,000 – N135,000

Senci SC3250  2KVA  N70,000 – N105,000

Senci SC5000  3.2KVA  N110,500 – N175,000

Senci SC10000  6.5KVA  N180,000 – N295,000

Senci SC13000  7.5KVA  N195,000 – N350,000

Senci SC6000  5KVA  N120,000 – N190,000


Maxi Generators Prices In Nigeria

Maxi B20M  2KVA  N80,000 – N135,000

Maxi B25K  2.5KVA  N104,000 – N195,000

Maxi E33K  3.3KVA  N105,000 – N185,000

Maxi E50K  5KVA  N165,000 – N255,000

Maxi E80K  8KVA  N202,000 – N355,000

Maxi EK75 (with wheel)  7.5KVA  N202,500 – N295,000

Maxi E65 (with wheel)  6.5KVA  N179,000 – N255,000


Hyundai Generators Prices In Nigeria

Hyundai Diesel Sound-Proof generators  9KVA  N1,500,000

Hyundai Diesel Sound-Proof generators  15KVA  N1,900,000

Hyundai generators  8.5KVA  N295,000

Hyundai Diesel generators  4.5KVA  N225,000

Hyundai Diesel generators  3.5KVA  N165,000

Hyundai generators  5.5KVA  N130,000

Hyundai generators  2.5KVA  N68,000

Hyundai generators  2.2KVA  N95,500


Lister Diesel Generators Prices In Nigeria

Lister Petter  15KVA  N295,000 – N1,950,000

Lister Petter  250KVA  N24,500,000 – N30,550,000

Lister Petter  17.5KVA N650,000 – N2,650,000

Lister Petter  6KVA  N680,000 – N1,310,000

Lister Petter  13KVA  N1,650,000 – N2,650,000


Perkins Diesel Generators Prices In Nigeria

Perkins  20KVA  N2,800,000 – N3,950,000

Perkins 30KVA  N3,500,000 – N4,550,000

Perkins  250KVA  N24,500,000 – N30,650,000

Perkins  50KVA  N4,500,000 – N6,310,000

Perkins  100KVA  N6,500,000 – N8,500,000


Kipor Diesel Generators Prices In Nigeria

Kipor (3-Phase Soundproof)  10KVA  N1,600,000 – N2,950,000

Kipor KDE7000T  4.5KVA  N385,000 – N550,000

Kipor KDE23S3 (3-Phase Soundproof)  17.8KVA  N2,620,000 – N4,650,000


FG Wilson Diesel Generators Prices In Nigeria

FG Wilson P13.5 (Soundproof)  13.5KVA  N2,420,000 – N3,950,000

FG Wilson P22-6 (Soundproof)  20KVA  N3,500,000 – N4,550,000

FG Wilson P33 (Basic)  30KVA  N3,440,000 – N4,650,000

FG Wilson P33 (Soundproof) 30KVA  N3,725,000 – N4,800,000


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Key Things to Consider When Buying a Generator In Nigeria

When buying a generator or planning to buy a generator in Nigeria, there are some few things you should consider first and cross-check at the seller’s location to ensure that you buy the most reliable and durable of models so that you get the best value for your money.


Power Rating

All generators come with a power rating which gives a view of the amount of power they can deliver. When buying a generator, it is important to consider the number and the power requirements of appliances and electronics you wish to power before settling for a model.

Appliances such as pressing irons and refrigerators will require generators with a power rating of above 3.5KVA to work efficiently.

Small generators, popularly known as “I better pass my neighbour” generators (mostly with a power rating from 0.65KVA to 0.9KVA), are suitable for those who wish to power up only a few appliances and electronics such as TV, DVD player, home theatre etc. It is important to check the typical power requirements of certain appliances and electronics before allowing them to draw power from your generator set.

Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and some pressing irons will normally require a generator with a high rating to power them.


Starting Method

Back in the days, most generators would come with the traditional recoil (rope) starter method which required a lot of effort to get your generator operational. Presently, with the advancement of technology, there are easier ways to start your generator set including the key starter method (which involves just turning a key) and the push-button starter method (which involves just pushing a button).

It is worthy to note that these models are more expensive than the recoil starter type when considering either the key starter or push method generator type.



Power rating, starting method, features and fuel type are the main things that will determine how you budget for your generator set. Quality could also be a factor as some generator brands which offer reliable and long-lasting generator sets are quite expensive compared with other brands.


Fuel Type

Generators run on two types of fuel types namely; petrol and diesel. While diesel generators are mostly large and used by companies and factories, you would still find medium-sized generators that run on diesel.

Diesel generators are quite economical in the long run compared to the petrol type. Although, they are more expensive during purchase. Petrol type generators are mostly small and medium-sized generators.

The fuel type of your generator can determine the amount of maintenance it will require and the cost of long-term use.


Brand Popularity

Brand popularity is also another factor to consider and it is really important for several reasons. A popular brand could certainly mean it is durable, efficient and reliable which is why it is the choice of most users. Also, a popular brand will mean that the spare parts of its generator sets will be readily available and will prevent the problem of spare parts scarcity.


Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of a generator depends on the quality of the generator engine and the power rating. A generator with a power rating of 1.5KVA will consume fuel faster than one with a power rating of 0.75KVA. Nevertheless, it is important to buy from a good brand that produces high-quality generators with powerful and reliable engines that economize fuel.

Before making a decision, you can check user reviews, feedback, ask distributors and also check the specifications and features of your preferred generator model before settling for that model.


Noise Production

If you plan to put your generator close to your house or office, it is important to get the best brand with the lowest level of noise production. It is, however, advisable to keep your generator far away from your house to prevent inhaling the exhaust fumes which is quite deadly.

If you simply can’t keep it far from your house for any reason, then you should consider soundproof generators which are more expensive than their open-type counterparts but offer a super quiet experience during operation.



This concludes the review on generator prices in Nigeria.

When planning to buy a generator set, it is paramount you consider popular brands like Mikano, Tiger, Honda, Elepaq, Sumec Firman, Elemax, Thermocool, and Lutian first. These brands would definitely offer you more features, cheaper prices, and reliable and efficient generator sets.

Also, I recommend you buy from the manufacturer or distributor rather than buying online to prevent buying counterfeit, contraband or stolen generator sets.

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