Current Price of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria 2023

Nigeria’s youthful population is spiritedly fashion conscious.

For fashion designers and participants in related industries, this represents an enormous market.

You probably won’t need to be reminded of how saturated and competitive the Nigerian fashion scene has gotten. However, irrespective of the market, one (and perhaps most important) thing in fashion is to get pieces of fabrics sewed together.

All fashion designers and tailors are inextricably connected with sewing machines. If you aren’t constrained by budget and would like to buy high-performance sewing gears, I’ve come up with a price list of industrial sewing machines in Nigeria.

In addition to prices, you’ll also see a few important things about industrial sewing machines and some buying tips.


Why consider Industrial Sewing machines?

Let’s face it, why we obtain most tech machines is to offload a large chunk of our jobs; sewing machines are not an exception. While I’m clearly not an expert in fashion design, it doesn’t require a PhD to easily figure out why industrial sewing machines are a choice product. Compared to the alternatives, industrial sewing machines do a better job at automating the clothes production processes.


Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

The industrial sewing machine can be classified into 4 major types based on the needle post and the design of the arm. They include the following.


1. Flat-bed

The flat-bed is the most common type of industrial machines and it has many similarities with the conventional machines as the needle and the arm are extended to the machine base. This machine is mostly used for sewing flat pieces of fabrics.


2. Cylinder-Bed

The cylinder-bed machine is characterized by a horizontal narrow column, which allows the fabrics to move under and around the column. This machine can be utilized to sew cylindrical items like cuffs. It can also be used for bulky items such as shoes and saddles.


3. Post-Bed

The post-bed machines are characterized by loopers and bobbins that are set in a vertical column and usually rise just above the flat base of the machine. This machine is utilized for sewing difficult areas as emblems. It can also be used in making of boots and gloves.


4. Off-the-Arm

This machine is the least among the group and it requires the attention of workers to feed in materials into the axis of the horizontal column. It is useful when working around shoulder seams and sleeves.


How Much is Industrial Sewing Machine in Nigeria?

Nigeria currently has the largest and most diverse market for industrial sewing machines in Africa. Various brands and models flood the market, which translates to a stiff competition that greatly impacts prices.

Also, like almost every other imported products, the good old suspect, “prevailing exchange rate”, also has a huge impact on the prices of industrial sewing machines.

The prices if the machines in Nigeria vary and depend on the type of machine and the functions. While some of these machines are not so pocket-friendly, others are relatively affordable.

For starters, it’s important to clearly emphasize that a bulk of purchased industrial sewing machines are not entirely “factory new” but “fairly used”. This means the prices will also depend on the condition of the machine you are buying.

It comes without saying that you’ll definitely pay more for a “factory new” machine and pay less for a used one depending on the age and functionality of the machine.

Below is the price list of some of the popular brands of industrial machines in Nigeria.


Industrial Sewing Machine Brand Price Range
Emel Industrial Sewing Machine N85,000 – N90,000
Sumo Industrial Sewing Machine N75,000 – N80,000
Brother Industrial Sewing Machine N80,000 – N100,000
Hudong Industrial Sewing Machine N80,000 – N85,000
Two Lion Industrial Sewing Machine N75,000 – N80,000


Used (Second Hand) Industrial Sewing Machines Prices in Nigeria

Most industrial machines are durable and rugged with a very long lifespan. Just like almost every other product with a long lifespan in Nigeria, there’s an unsurprisingly large market for used industrial sewing machines.

Usually, this means getting a used machine is relatively easy. If you’re working with a small budget, you can get a perfectly working industrial sewing machine for a fraction of its original price.

The prices below represent averages of prevailing market prices for used industrial sewing machines – but prices may greatly vary depending on the age of the machine and individual bargaining power.


Industrial Sewing Machine Brand Price Range
Emel Industrial Sewing Machine N45,000 to N65,000
Sumo Industrial Sewing Machine N40,000 to N50,000
Brother Industrial Sewing Machine N50,000 to N65,000
Hudong Industrial Sewing Machine N40,000 to N50,000
Two Lion Industrial Sewing Machine N45,000 to N55,000




Where to Buy Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

New ones can be purchased online on Jumia, Konga or other e-commerce stores while fairly used ones can be obtained on Jiji, Olx or other online marketplaces. You may also check out established fashion accessories stores near you.


Factors to Consider when Buying an Industrial Sewing Machine

When considering a particular brand of an industrial sewing machine, you should probably pay attention to its main purpose.

Like every sewing machine out there, industrial sewing machines come in different brands, sizes, classes and ultimately, functions. Here’s a list of some of the criteria that you might want to set before settling for a machine.


1. Brand

One of the first things that should come to your mind when making the decision to buy the machine is the brand.

There are quite a number of brands available on the market. And just as some of these brands are known for their durability and quite popular among designers, some other brands do have less reputation.

Although, it is most advisable to go for popular brands so that you won’t have difficulty in replacing the faulty parts.


2. Ease of Use

When buying the sewing machine, you also need to put the ease of use into consideration. Although it is less likely that you encounter a machine that is not quite easy to use, few ones have complex designs that might not be so easy to get accustomed to.


3. Function

The purpose of the machine also plays a major role in the type you will settle for. You are less likely to have difficulty in choosing a type if you already have a design in mind.


4. Maintenance

One of the most important things to consider while buying an industrial machine in Nigeria is the history of the brand. You need to ensure that the spare parts of the brand are readily available.


Final Words

Just as it is important to understand the purpose of the industrial machine you are buying, you also need to consider your budget before finally making a decision to go for one.

And before you decide to make a purchase in the market, ensure that you have made adequate researches in 3-4 stores to understand the current market price of the particular brand and model of your choice.

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