Price List of Mattress in Nigeria 2024

The existence of mattresses in Nigeria and the world at large is, at this point, not a new arrival to the minds of the public.

For years, manufacturers worldwide have been working on how to improve every aspect of the mattress production industry and today, it has led to the idea of producing many kinds of mattresses for various purposes.

This is for sure one of the things improving and giving us a better world.

In Nigeria, the mattress producing companies are not holding back either; they are all up to produce and ensure utmost comfort. The mattress companies in Nigeria have before now been the captains of artful living. They have further taken absolute pleasure in adding comfort to life.

There are various mattress brands here in Nigeria and this has led to a high and healthy competition amongst them. This is necessary as it ensures and guarantees the distribution of quality products and services to the general public.

Since mattresses are designed for comfort, the mattress companies are here to promote it and you must, if need be, patronize them so that they can do more and improve on every angle of their production for better and gratifying sleep in our homes.


Best Mattress in Nigeria

The lifespan of a mattress generally depends on the kind of mattress in question. Most foams and latex mattresses have been estimated at 9.5 years if the usage and management technique of the mattress is effective.

For intex mattresses, often the waterbeds, the airbeds, and a few others, the lifespan may not be as long as that of latex since they are made of mostly plastic.

There are also mattresses like innerspring with a very short lifespan. The middle lifespan is accredited to the memory foams and pillow top mattresses. By this, the most durable of the mattresses are the latex, but will only last longer on proper maintenance.




Price List of Mattress in Nigeria

If there is anything you should have in your house, it should be a mattress. A mattress is what makes a bedroom in a home complete.

Without a mattress in a home, comfort will be absent. Therefore, comfort requires the presence of a mattress to pay your beautiful home a beautiful visit. It is essential for you to own a mattress in your home.

There are various kinds of mattresses out there that will bring comfort to your home at differing prices. The price of a mattress is determined by some production and distribution factors.

On the basis of production, the determinant of the price can be the size of mattress, quality of material used, cost of production incurred and many more. There are other determinant factors which include the type of mattress, firmness etc.

In the case of mattress type, there are so many types of mattresses like the latex, orthopedic, waterbed, air bed, student mattress, and others. These mattresses are all designed to serve certain purposes and different production techniques are used on them. |Thus, the difference in price.

On the grounds of distribution, the price would be affected due to the cost the manufacturers incur on transporting their products around the country.

This is the major cause of the differences that mattresses suffer in terms of prices in different locations nationwide.

Another determinant and most important price altering factor is the mattress brand. This is to say that the available brands in Nigeria might not necessarily lease their products and services at seeming prices. For instance, a Vitafoam Orthopedic may not have the same price with a Mouka Foam orthopedic.

In Nigeria, mattresses are made and designed to be affordable in spite of their high-quality standard. You must also note that the prices listed here are the standard average prices. The actual price you get them from sellers may vary slightly, depending on your location, bargain power, and several other factors.


Mouka Foam Mattress Price in Nigeria

Mouka Flora Sizes and Prices

Mouka Flora: 4.5ft 6inches ₦40,000 to ₦48,000

Mouka Flora:4.5ft X 16inches ₦84,000 to ₦96,500

Mouka Flora: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦90,000 to ₦98,000

Mouka Flora: 6ft X 7ft X 16inches ₦140,000 to ₦152,000

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Mouka Flora: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦86,000

Mouka Flora: 6ft X 6ft X 14inches ₦100,000

Mouka Flora: 4.5ft X 8inches ₦55,000 to ₦61,000

Mouka Flora:4.5ft X 10inches ₦65,000

Mouka Flora: 4.5ft X 20inches ₦93,000


Prices of Mouka Regina Mattress in Ngeria

Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 5ft X 8inches ₦87,000 to ₦90,000

Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦100,000 to ₦114,000

Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 6ft X 12inches ₦124,000

Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦120,000 to ₦134,000

Mouka Regina Semi Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches ₦138,000 to ₦145,300


Mouka Mondeo Spring Sizes and Prices in Nigeria

Mondeo Spring: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches ₦148,000 to ₦165,000

Mondeo Spring: 6ft X 6ft X 10inches ₦125,000 to ₦136,450

Mondeo Spring: 4ft X 10iches ₦88,000 to ₦95,400

Mondeo Spring: 4.5ft X 10inches ₦98,000 to ₦105,500


Mouka Semi Orthopedic Mattress Prices in Nigeria

Semi Orthopedic: 4.5ft X 8inches ₦57,000 to ₦64,000

Semi Orthopedic: 4.5ft X 10inches ₦90,000 to ₦95,700


Other Mouka Mattresses in Nigeria

Mouka Comfy: ₦30,000 to ₦47,000

Mouka Exquisite (Comes in Many Sizes):    ₦50,000 to ₦100,000

Mouka Student Mattress:  ₦11,400 to ₦13,500

Regal Orthopedic: 6ft X 7ft X 10inches   ₦195,000 to ₦205,000

Mouka Camp Mat: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches ₦7,800 to ₦9,000

Mouka Water Resistance Mattress: ₦30,000 TO ₦54,600

Mouka Fantasia: ₦63,500

Mouka Orthopedic: 4.5 X 8inches ₦110,000 to ₦125,000

MoukaRegal: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦134,000 to ₦141,000

MoukaLegend:  ₦48,000 to ₦59,000


Vitafoam Mattress Price in Nigeria

Vita Corona Mattress: 6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches ₦35,500 to ₦45,000

Vita Corona Mattress: 6ft X 4ft X 6inches ₦32,000 to ₦42,000

Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦118,000 to ₦128,000

Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦140,000 to ₦147,000

Orthopedic Mattress: 6ft X 4.5ft X 8inches ₦90,000 to ₦100,000

Vita Grand Mattress: 10 Inches ₦56,800 to ₦72,000

Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches    ₦53,000 to 60,000

Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches   ₦57,000 to 76,000

Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches    ₦45,000 to 49,500

Vita Grand Mattress: 6ft X 3.5 X 8inches   ₦42,000 to 45,000

Baby Sofa Bed: ₦30,000 to ₦35,000

Shine Mattress: 6ft X 2.5 X 6 inches ₦19,000 to ₦22,000

Shine Mattress: 6ft X 3ft X 6inches ₦22,000 to ₦25,000

Vita Galaxy Orthopedic Mattress: ₦118,000

Semi Orthopedic: 6 X 3 X 8inches ₦53,900

Vita Galaxy Classic: ₦73,000 to 117,000

Spring Super Mattress: 6ft X 6ft X 8inches ₦82,500 to ₦85,000

Vita Supreme: 6ft X 4ft X 8inches ₦33,000 to ₦40,000

Vita Spring Super: 6ft X 7ft X 8inches ₦87,000

Vita Toddler Bed Mattress: ₦17,000 to 20,000

Baby Flexi Mat: ₦5,900

Leisure Mat: ₦9,300


Sarafoam Mattress Price in Nigeria

Sara Flex: 6ft X 6ft ₦70,000 to ₦90,000

Sara Spring Mattress: 6ft X 6ft ₦80,000

Sara Foam Orthopedic: 6ft X 6ft ₦110,000

Sara Foam Student Mattress: ₦8,000 to ₦9,500

Sara Foam Mattress: 6ft X 6ft ₦75,000


Waterbed (Intex) Mattresses Price in Nigeria

Ocean-Sleep Water Bed: ₦40,000 to ₦57,000

Water Mattress: ₦45,000 to ₦52,500

Medical Inflatable Water Bed: ₦60,000 to ₦66,200

Inflatable Floating Row Pool WaterBed: ₦13,000 to ₦15,700

Flamingo Inflatable Boat Float Swimming Ring: ₦28,000 to ₦31,000

Swimming Inflatable Floating Bed Hammock Water: ₦11,000 to ₦13,300

Wavelike Transparent Floating Row Air Mattress: ₦15,000 to ₦20,000

Folding Hammock Water Floating Bed: ₦5,500 to ₦7,100

Bed Sore Medical Water Mattress Water Bed: ₦53,000 to ₦67,500


Air Bed (Intex) Mattress Price in Nigeria

IntexComfort Plus Elevated Dura-Beam Air Bed: ₦29,000 to ₦36,000

Single-Sized Classic Downy Air Bed: ₦7,500

Air Bed Chair Double Pull Out Sofa: ₦26,000 to ₦31,500

Classic Queen Sized Inflatable Air Bed: ₦11,000

Twin Sized Classic Downy Inflatable: ₦9,000

Queen IntexPremaireDream Support: ₦48,000 to ₦52,700

Inflatable King Size Air Bed: ₦20,000

IntexMini Air Bed: ₦6,000 to ₦9,000

Queen Size Supreme Air Flow AirBed: ₦19,000

Wide Double Queen Size Air Bed: ₦13,000 to ₦17,000

Single Airlock Air Bed: ₦10,000

Trespass Air Bed: ₦25,000 to ₦30,000

Cozy Kids Inflatable Air Bed: ₦16,000 to ₦24,000

Best Way Comfort Quest Elevated Electric Air Bed: ₦26,500 to ₦30,000




How to Maintain Your Mattress

As it stands, not giving proper care to your mattress will devalue it in such a short time. Just like everything else, a mattress needs to be taken care of to be able to provide comfort to the user.

Below are four necessary things you need to observe in order to make your mattress last longer.

  • Do not eat on your mattress, it is meant for relaxing the body and not for dining
  • Occasionally putting your mattress out under the sun will help a lot
  • Buy and use mattress protectors
  • Do not expose your mattress to liquids
  • A mattress should not be a playground for children


Mattress Buying Guide in Nigeria

Before going for a mattress, it is necessary to put certain things into consideration. If you should just wake up and walk straight into any mattress dealer store in the name of getting yourself a mattress, you might end up in disappointment.

This guide is what you will need in order to get a maxed out satisfaction for your money.


  • Think of the Purpose

This is the very first thing you need to be sure of. Question yourself why you are in need of a mattress. What really is the objective to be attained for getting a new mattress? Do you need a mattress for recreational reasons, for medical reasons or for comfort and nothing more? This and lot more are what you need to consider in this aspect in order to make your move for a mattress. Since the mattress brands in Nigeria do not produce mattresses of just one function, it is now your duty as the buyer to go for what fits your demand.


  • Visit an Authorized Dealer Store Nearest to You

When you must have concluded on the reason for your need of a mattress, locate a dealer store closest to your neighborhood. It must be a mattress store that deals only on beddings. Make sure that it is an authentic mattress store, else, you will end up where you might have issues.


  • Ask Questions

Now that you are in the right mattress store, the next thing to do is to question the staff or seller. This will help to better put you on course for a decent mattress. Questioning the dealers will help reveal a thing or two to you and this will be useful to you when making choices. You can as well test the mattresses in the process.


  • Determine the Quality

Determining the quality of the mattress you wish to buy is another thing. The vendor should be willing to show you different kinds of mattresses and also tell you what presumes to be the reason why their quality differs.


  • Go for the Best and Affordable Mattress

This is where you get to bargain with the vendor. Also, have in mind that mattress sizes may be the same but the design and quality bring the difference. Do not expect mattresses to be of the same prices simply because they are of the same size. For example, a Vitafoam Corona mattress and an Orthopedic of the same size will not cost the same amount.


  • Getting a Warranty

Mattresses from brands in Nigeria come with a warranty and this is because of how confident they are with their product effectiveness. After a successful transaction, be sure to get a warranty slip from the vendor or the dealer store. This will be useful as it guarantees that you can always have a faulty mattress replaced.


Where to Buy Mattress in Nigeria

You can buy mattresses directly from any outlet of the manufacturing company or from authorized dealers found in various parts of the country.

There are also small stores around where you can make your purchase, but there’s no 100% guarantee that they offer original products.

You may also choose to buy your mattress online from the manufacturer’s website or other platforms. Companies like Vitafoam offer the opportunity to buy directly from their official websites. This way, you’re 100% sure that you’ll be getting the real product.

In Nigeria, there are various online marketing platforms like (Kara, Konga, and Jumia) that can bring the mattresses straight to your doorstep. You can check them out.

But, please, be careful with the online sites you visit to make your purchase. Be sure that it is a trusted site and must also have provisions for refunds and or replacements in case the sent item is faulty.


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