Mikano Generators Prices in Nigeria 2023

Mikano is one of the leading alternative energy providers in Nigeria and one of the best leading generator providers to consider.

Mikano Generators began as a small business in Lagos and has risen to be the largest assembler of power generating sets from renowned generator manufacturers; Perkins UK and Stamford/Meccalte alternate UK, providing a maximum generator capacity of 5000KVA.

In this review, we will be looking at Mikano Generators prices in Nigeria as well as other important details you should know.


Cost of Mikano Generators In Nigeria

You can buy Mikano generators online or offline. And you can obtain it for use in two different ways. One is to buy, another is to rent.

Below is the price list of Mikano generators. The prices you’ll encounter in reality might be higher or lower than these ones.

  • Mikano 9KVA power generator [403-11G] – N2,500,000 – N3,000,000
  • Mikano 13KVA power generator [403-15G] – N2,80,000 – N3,200,000
  • Mikano 15KVA power generator [403-15G2] – N2,900,000 – N3,400,000
  • Mikano 20KVA power generator [404-22G] – N3,100,000 – N3,550,000
  • Mikano 30KVA power generator [1103-33G] – N3,800,000 – N4,000,000
  • Mikano 40KVA power generator [1103-33TG1] – N4,300,000 – N4,500,000
  • Mikano 50KVA power generator [1103-33TG1] – N4,400,000 – N4,600,000
  • Mikano 60KVA power generator [1103-33TG2] – N4,900,000 – N5,200,000
  • Mikano 65KVA power generator [1104-44TG1] – N5,100,000 – N5,300,000
  • Mikano 80KVA power generator [1104-44TG2] – N5,450,000 – N5,700,000
  • Mikano 100KVA power generator [1104-TAG2] – N6,350,000 – N6,700,000
  • Mikano 135KVA power generator [1106-TG1] – N8,200,000 – N8,400,000
  • Mikano 150KVA power generator [1106-TAG2] – N9,300,000 – N9,500,000
  • Mikano 180KVA power generator [1106C-E66TAG4] – N10,700,000 – N11,000,000
  • Mikano 200KVA power generator [1106-TAG4] – N12,000,000 – N12,200,000
  • Mikano 250KVA power generator [1306-E87TAG6] – N14,800,000 – N15,000,000
  • Mikano 300KVA power generator [1606A-E93TAG5] – N19,100,000 – N19,400,000
  • Mikano 350KVA power generator [2206A-E13TAG2] – N20,000,000 – N20,100,000
  • Mikano 400KVA power generator [2206A-E13TAG3] – N23,000,000 – N23,500,000
  • Mikano 500KVA power generator [2506A-E15TAG2] – N26,000,000 – N27,000,000
  • Mikano 650KVA power generator [2806A-E18TAG2] – N35,500,000 – N36,200,000
  • Mikano 800KVA power generator [4006-23TAG3A] – N52,000,000 – N53,500,000

Note: The prices listed above are the standard prices as provided by Mikano Nigeria. You might get different prices depending on your location.


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Buying A Mikano Generator

You can either buy your generator from any store close to you at retail or wholesale price or you can buy it from any Mikano office.

Buying directly from the manufacturer definitely offers you a much cheaper price, although you might have to pay for transportation of the generator to your location.

However, Mikano offers free delivery service to buyers who purchase directly from the office, although this is limited to buyers who are located in Lagos.

Buying directly from their office will give you the following benefits:

  • Safe and guaranteed delivery to anywhere in Nigeria
  • Free delivery to anywhere within Lagos
  • 2-year warranty on all brand-new generators
  • After-sales support (maintenance and servicing)

Buying from distributors would certainly cost you more as you would be buying at a retail price. When buying or renting a used Mikano generator from distributors make sure to test run it at the seller’s location.

Buying from e-commerce sites such as Jumia or Konga would either cost your more or less, but you would have to pay more for delivery to your location. Be careful to check the seller score on any e-commerce site to confirm that the seller is trustworthy. Also, read the reviews by users who have bought and used generators sold by the seller before making a purchase.


Renting of Mikano Generators

Mikano allows customers to rent its generators however rental generators are only available for customers who need them for a limited time (e.g. for an event). Mikano has a stock of over 120 generators in its rental department allowing customers a variety of choice to rent from.

Mikano generators are divided into three categories which are diesel, gas and rental generators. Gas and diesel generators with capacities ranging from 20KVA to 2000KVA are open to rental.


Mikano Generator Features

Mikano Generators come with different features and specifications to suit every customer need. When buying one, it is advised to take note of the features of the generator before making a purchase.


Sound-Proof Vs Open Type Generators

Looking for a solution to the loud noise produced by open-type generators?

Then you can opt for the sound-proof generator.

The advantage of the open-type generator over the sound-proof type generator of equal power output is its affordability.

The sound-proof type comes in a box-life canopy that prevents noise emission.


Diesel-Powered Vs Gas-Powered Generators

A gas-powered generator is the best option if you are running a business that requires constant power and zero tolerance for sudden power outages. Gas-powered generators run on natural gas, not petrol. The diesel-powered generator is more economical and easier to use and maintain, which is why it is the first choice for most individuals and corporate companies.


Advantages of Mikano Generators

Mikano generators are known to be one of the best brands of generators in Nigeria. They boast of many features which give them many an edge over other generator brands.

Spare parts availability: Due to the fact the Mikano generators are popular, it is quite easy to get replacement parts for your generator. And you can get the spare parts for your model in any spare parts market in Nigeria.


Custom made options: If you wish to customize your generator (i.e to add more features to your generator), Mikano can customize your generator to meet your specific requirement. For example, you can add the sound-proof function to your generator. Other custom options you can add include are the automatic start/stop function and synchronized system if you require one.


Affordable: Mikano generators are quite affordable compared to other brands of generators which are why its popularity has been on a rise since its inception.

After-sales support: For customers who purchase directly from Mikano offices. Mikano provides after-sales service to its customers in terms of maintenance and installation.


Key Things to Consider Before Buying A Mikano Generator

Before buying a Mikano generator there are several key things you should consider.

Capacity: The power rating (KVA) of a generator model is one of the factors that affect the type of generator you should buy. A generator with a high power rating will certainly power more facilities and appliances and is built for companies and factories, while models with low power ratings are meant for residential purposes.

Remember that generators with high power ratings will cost more to use and maintain than those with low power ratings.


Budget: I have already listed the prices of Mikano generators above and you can check them and pick a model according to your budget. Fortunately, Mikano offers several models with different power ratings to suit every income level and customer need.


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