Cost of International Passport in Nigeria (2019) and How to Apply

You need an international passport if you’re looking to travel abroad, especially if you plan to travel to a country outside West Africa.

The Nigerian international passport is a document issued by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to allow Nigerians to travel out of the country while still providing a way for their citizenship to be recognized.

This is a standard practice among all countries of the world.

Possessing an international passport, however, does not guarantee your entry into a particular country. In addition to your international passport, you’ll also need a visa, which in most cases is the ultimate permit document for travels to foreign countries.

Obtaining the Nigerian international passport is very simple and takes only about two days for everything to be ready.


International Passport Requirements

You need to present a few documents to the immigration officers in order to verify your identity before registering for an international passport. These documents include:

  • A completed passport application form
  • Two passport photographs
  • State of origin documents
  • Birth certificate/affidavit
  • Marriage certificate if applicable

For persons below 18:

  • Recent passport photographs signed by the parent/guardian
  • Birth certificate
  • Letter of consent from both parents
  • Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parents

Requirements for the Nigerian international passport is constantly updated by the Nigerian Immigration Service and is bound to change without any prior notice. You should, therefore, check the immigration service website for current passport requirements.


Types of Nigeria International Passport

The passport comes in two different forms;

  • The standard international passport is green colored and is the passport for ordinary Nigerians who wish to travel out of the country for tourism, business, visit or study
  • The official international passport is usually blue in color and is reserved for government officials and diplomats

The international passport also comes in two different page numbers. They are the 32-page and 64-page international passports.

You should go for the 64-page type if you intend to travel frequently within the next five years. But stick with the 32-page type if you won’t be traveling frequently.




Cost of International Passport in Nigeria

You can easily apply for an international passport online and make payment with your credit/debit card or generate a payment reference number and go make payment at any of the listed banks on the Nigerian Immigration Service website.

The cost of international passport varies from the number of pages you’re applying for to the age of person applying for it. The 64-page type is more expensive than the 32-page type while persons older than 18 and younger than 60 pay more than minors younger than 18 and adults older than 60 years.

Below is a chart of the cost of the two types of Nigeria international passport.

Booklet Type Age 0 – 17 Age 18 – 59 Age 60+
32 pages N8,750 N15,000 N8,750
64 pages N20,00 N20,000 N20,000

For persons applying outside Nigeria at embassies, consulates or high commissions, the international passport prices are a follows.

Booklet Type Age 0 – 17 Age 18 – 59 Age 60+
32 pages $65 $94 $65
64 pages $125 $125 $125


How to Get International Passport in Nigeria

Application for the Nigerian international passport can be done online or offline. To apply online, you need a computer with good internet connection, a printer and, of course, a document scanner so that you can upload all necessary documents.

To apply online:

  • Log on to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal
  • Select your preferred passport type
  • Choose your processing country (the country you’re currently living in and will be able to collect your passport once it is ready)
  • Complete the application form online
  • Print the completed application form and then submit it
  • Upload scanned copies of your documents as required
  • Select your preferred payment method. Make necessary payments either at the bank or online using your bank card
  • Then submit your application
  • Ensure you print out your guarantor’s form and complete it
  • The completed guarantor’s form, the application form, and all other supporting documents must be submitted at your preferred passport office. Once you visit the passport office, your biometrics will be captured and your international passport will be made ready within 48 hours

You can also go directly to the immigration office and they will help you make all the necessary payments and upload your documents. However, be careful as they often give outrageous charges for these minor work.


Nigerian International Passport Validity

Nigeria international passport is valid for five years. You’ll be required to renew your passport every five years or you’ll not be allowed to travel out of the country.

Also, the visa, which permits you to travel to another country is usually stamped on the pages of your international passport. So once there’s no more space left on your international passport, you’ll need to renew it before you’ll be granted a visa.


Nigerian International Passport Renewal Fee

If your passport has expired, been misplaced or its pages have been exhausted, you will definitely have to renew it in order to be able to travel out of Nigeria.

Misplaced passports can only be renewed in Abuja and often takes around two weeks. For all other issues, you can easily visit any immigration office to renew your passport. Ensure you go along with the following documents:

  • Police report (if you misplaced the passport)
  • Two colored passport photographs
  • Passport number

A passport renewal costs around N20,000 and you need to be present for your biometrics to be captured.

It often is advisable to apply for a new international passport rather than renewing your misplaced passport as the renewal process for such cases is often stressful and inconvenient, especially if you reside outside the Federal Capital.

That’s all for now.

Feel free to share your experience at the immigration office in the comment box and also the amount you eventually paid for your international passport.


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