Price of POP Ceiling in Nigeria 2023

Plaster of Paris (POP) is one of the popular types of false ceiling used in building construction.

False ceilings are secondary ceilings with exquisite designs that are suspended from the main ceiling.

In Nigeria, POP ceilings are slowly becoming a popular choice in many households. The ceiling can be designed in any way to suit the required taste, which makes it a better option.

POP remains one of the most expensive ceilings. It is way more expensive than the PVC ceiling and is more durable and offers better designs. This definitely justifies the cost.

In this article, I’ll discuss the price of POP ceilings in Nigeria. But first, I’ll walk you through the basics.


What are POP Ceilings?

POP ceilings are made of POP powder. To make the ceiling, POP powder is mixed with water on-site and applied on chicken nets (the chicken net provides the mechanical strength). The chicken net or mesh is attached to a local metal framing system.

The entire system is then treated and dried. Making the ceiling takes a long time (about a month). The makers and installers usually prefer customers to make appointments before the expected installation date.

Apart from POP ceiling, Gypsum board is the only other false ceiling option that offers the same level of perfection.

Gypsum board false ceilings are easier to install than POP ceilings. They are also said to have more strength and flexibility in design. However, the cost of making Gypsum boards is about the same as that of POP ceilings.


Advantages of a POP Ceiling

  • It is made up of a good heat insulating material and is resistant to fire
  • It has a low thermal conductivity
  • It gives a decorative finish and is a better option when compared with the PVC ceiling
  • It is more durable than PVC ceiling, which makes up for the expensive price


Disadvantages of a POP Ceiling

  • It is more expensive than cement and PVC ceiling
  • It can’t be used in all houses, so you have to ensure that your house is suitable for this type of ceiling before making a contract


Cost of POP Ceiling in Nigeria

The price of POP ceiling depends on the contractor you’re working with. Factors like transportation costs, season, and location of the site can influence the cost.

Most contractors charge between N3,000 – N5,000 per meter square for a POP ceiling. Depending on the size of the room, you could be spending as much as N50,000 just to get the whole room covered.




POP Ceiling Designers and Dealers in Nigeria

Here is the list of POP dealers and installers in Nigeria. Get in touch with any of them, meet in person, and finalize a deal before disbursing funds.

Kelvin Kleen Interiors Limited

Kelvin Kleen Interiors Limited specializes in POP ceiling installation, 3D panel design, wall screeding, painting, and installation of wallpaper.

  • Location: Zango, Katsina State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 708 3000 725

Ashmark Global Limited

Ashmark Global Limited is involved in POP installation works like wall screedings, ceiling designs, and professional painting works. They are among the most professional POP ceiling designers and installers in Lagos.

  • Website address:
  • Location: Lekki Phase 2, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 813 5262 652

Majo Xclusive

Majo Xclusive specializes in interior finishing and the installation of POP ceilings for clients.

  • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 803 4841 095

Ahdak Nig Ltd

Ahdak Nig Ltd offers high-quality POP of different designs.

  • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 802 3270 525

Ayomide Abass

Ayomide Abass is located within the Lagos metropolis and involved in the casting of POP fire resistant ceilings.

  • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 803 0667 053

EMATECH Enterprises

Professional experts in tiling and marble. Ematech Enterprises is also involved in the installation of POP ceiling and aluminum works.

  • Location: Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 703 5071 356

Muyiwa Richard

Muyiwa Richard specializes in the design and installation of POP ceilings.

  • Location: Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 809 2888 885


Oladayo offers POP ceiling installation to residential and commercial buildings.

  • Location: Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 803 2082 301


Involved in the delivery and installation of POP ceiling for clients in Lagos.

  • Location: Abule Ijesha, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 817 6699 785

Sylvester Pascal

Renders services to clients in Kaduna and other parts of Nigeria.

  • Location: Kaduna South Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 806 7992 859


Involved in the design and installation of POP ceiling, POP screeding, window design and TV stand.

  • Location: Alimosho Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 813 6983 438

Okere Philip

Okere Philip is one of the professional dealers in paint and ceiling in Lagos. They deal with the design and installation of POP ceiling, wall screeding, Stuko painting, wall painting, and floor tiles. They are also involved in the sale of Stuko paint at wholesale price.

  • Location: Jibowu, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 810 2044 462


Operating in the Lagos metropolis, Godswill deal on the design, sale, and installation of Plaster of Paris materials.

  • Location: Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 703 6192 350


Dare offers you flawless ceiling designs and the installation of POP ceiling. You can also call on them to help you design your wall and pillars and expect them to give you the most unique designs ever. They charge affordable prices for their services.

  • Location: Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 809 3728 412

Hi Board

Hi Board focuses on offering the best services at a really affordable price. Through this company, you can get the POP ceiling you want in your room even if you’re on a tight budget.

  • Location: Agbado, Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Contact Details: +234 815 2040 263

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