South Africa Visa Application Fee in Nigeria 2019

Thinking about going to South Africa from Nigeria any time soon?

Start your visa application process as soon as possible.

Nigerian passport holders do require a visa to be able to travel to South Africa. Your visa is the document issued by the country’s consulate officer in Nigeria which permits you to travel from Nigeria to the country’s point of entry (airport, border).

If this is your first time of traveling out of the country, get a little hold on your excitement (or anxiety) and read carefully through this post. Applying for a visa is more like an ‘individual’ thing and what worked for a friend might not work for you.

The first step to take when applying for a South African visa and, indeed,  all other country is to check your visa eligibility status; check for the necessary required documents, ensure you have them, then ensure you have the necessary funds and only then should you begin the visa application process.


South Africa Visa Requirements in Nigeria

For your visa application, you’ll be required to  present these documents along with your visa application forms:

  • Your international passport issued by your country and it must have an expiration date 30 days beyond your return date
  • Two identical passport photographs
  • Verifiable hotel bookings. All hotel bookings must be done directly with the hotel and not on your behalf by a third party agent
  • A copy of your international vaccination card
  • Verifiable flight booking
  • If applicable:
    • Birth certificate for minors
    • Parent consent letters for kids
    • Copies of parents passport
    • Marriage certificates
    • Letter of invitation/confirmation of training, conference, and so on
    • Letter of admission from an institution
  • Proof of financial status

You may check the VFS Global website for current updates on visa requirements as it is bound to change without any prior notice.

Once you meet all the visa requirements, it’s time to decide the type of visa you want to apply for and, of course, the required fee.




South Africa Visa Types

South Africa, like all other countries, offers a wide range of visa types. This way, whether you’re traveling for business, work, study or for pleasure, you’ll always find a visa plan that will meet your needs.

The various types of South Africa visa include:

  • The short stay visitor visa: this visa allows visitors to stay in South Africa for up to 90 days and is mainly intended for visiting friends and family
  • Long stay visitor visa: as the name implies, the long stay visitor visa gives you a long stay duration and visitors can stay in South Africa between 90 days and up to 3 years

The long stay visitor visa type is more like a general categorization of all other South Africa visa. You can actually find a host of other visa types within the long stay visitor visa category.

For instance, the long stay visitor visa consists of other visa types such as study visa, general work visa, relative visa, retirement visa, business visa, and critical skill visa.

All of these are intended to meet the needs of all classes of travelers.

For instance, if you plan to travel to South Africa for educational purpose, you will need to apply for the study visa and if you plan to establish a business in South Africa, the business visa will be your best option.

Critical skill visa is for those who possess skills which are really needed in South Africa. You’ll actually need an invitation letter from an employer to show the demand for your skill. Also, the general work visa is for workers but specifically for those whose work areas cannot be classified. The retirement visa is for those who plan to stay permanently in South Africa after retirement. Persons applying for this type of visa will not be allowed to work in South Africa.


South Africa Visa Fee in Nigeria

The prices of South Africa visa is not fixed and bound to change due to currency fluctuations. Also, the government might decide to increase or decrease the amount at any time.

As such, you are advised to check the VFS official website for current visa fees before making any payments.

As of writing this, the cost of a short stay visitor visa/ tourist visa is N8,600 with a processing fee of N25,470. Long stay visitor visa costs N30,600 with a processing fee of N25,470.

You are to pay the visa fee in cash at any of the banks within the VFS application center either in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt.


South Africa Visa Processing Time in Nigeria

Applying for a South Africa visa won’t be among your list of the top ten toughest things, at least not with this step-by-step guide.

  • To start your application process, you’re required to check your eligibility status. That is, ensure you have all the necessary documents. If you don’t have some, you might want to contact the embassy first
  • Once you have all the necessary documents, you can download, print and fill the visa application form. Please ensure you write correctly and no black ink
  • Once you have filled out the visa application form, you’ll need to submit it at any VFS center in Nigeria

Make sure that you go along with all necessary visa fees and also the sum of N4,500 as your courier fee

  • Proceed to pay your visa fee at any of the banks within the VFS center and ensure you collect your receipts
  • Attach the receipt to your application form and submit along with all your supporting documents
  • VFS center only processes a certain amount of applications per day. Therefore, be there as early as possible so that you don’t get caught up in long queues

Once submitted, you’ll be told what to do next. Most times you’ll be given a unique case number (tracking number), which you can use to track the progress of your visa application and asked to go home.

South Africa visa processing usually takes a period of about 10 working days after which the original copies of your documents will be mailed back to you via your chosen courier service.


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