Current Price of Startimes Decoder in Nigeria 2023

Cable TV’s are not just a source of entertainment but also a source of learning; be it academic related, cooking, building, and so on.

This makes it very important in a Nigerian home and has resulted in Nigerians seeking affordable cable TV providers to satisfy their thirst for entertainment.

Startimes came at a time when Nigerians were in dire need of a cheaper cable TV provider that will give them access to just the right amount of entertainment.

Although there have been various providers in Nigeria with DSTv being the top market leader, their price tags tend to scare most of the middle and low-income earners away.

These Nigerians had no other option but to contend with the poor picture and sound quality of the more affordable programs distributed to them by local cable TV providers.

Startimes is a digital TV operator and the messiah of the Nigerian and the African lower and middle class. It is one of the top rated direct to home (DTH) pay cable in Nigeria that is not only affordable but offers as much entertainment as you would get from other expensive providers.

Established in China in 1988, Startimes provided digital televisions to television broadcasting industries and countries which are switching from analogue to digital television.

The arrival of the company in Nigeria in 2010 gave the lower and middle class a chance to enjoy digital television just as the upper class, but at a more affordable rate.

Startimes is not only a top choice for many middle and lower class Nigerians just because it is affordable but also a choice because it is unique as it does not require an installation dish to work. This makes it more affordable to purchase and install compared to other digital TV operators like DSTv which requires such equipment to work. However, you would have to purchase an external antenna to get a strong signal.

Startimes is currently available in almost every state in Nigeria, and you can easily get their decoders if you live in any of the popular or modern cities in Nigeria.


What is the Price of Startimes Decoder in Nigeria?

To watch Startimes channels, you will be required to purchase the decoder. You might also need to purchase an external antenna but that would be irrelevant if you live in an area with a strong signal.

However, it is advisable to get an external antenna whether or not you live in such an area as you would have to combat with poor signal and lags in transmission during storms and rains due to the break in the signal.

There are three types of Startimes decoders; the SD decoder, Combo decoder, and HD decoder.

These decoders are all the same in the sense that they offer the same number of channels. However, the main difference between these decoders is quality. The more expensive the decoder the better the picture quality and the signal strength.

Below are the prices of Startimes decoders in Nigeria.

Decoder Price
SD Decoder N7,000 – N10,000
HD Decoder N8,000 – N13,000
2 in 1 Combo Decoder N12,000 – N14,000

Although these are the actual ranges you would get the decoders, Startimes at a time ran a promo which enabled potential users to purchase the 2 in 1 combo decoder for N6,000. This may or may not be repeated.

Note: the price ranges listed are dependent on several factors including location, the salesperson involved and whether or not there is a promo (bonanza) which reduces the prices of the decoders.




Startimes SD Decoder Price in Nigeria

Startimes SD Decoder is the most affordable Startimes decoder. However, when buying this decoder you would want to consider picture quality. Although the picture quality is manageable, you wouldn’t be getting the sharpest images.


Startimes HD Decoder Price in Nigeria

Startimes HD Decoder might be the best option to consider when talking about picture quality as it offers clearer and sharper images than the SD decoder.


Startimes 2 in 1 Combo Decoder Price in Nigeria

The 2 in 1 Combo Decoder is the overall best option among the three decoders. It combines the features of the direct to home decoder and the satellite dish decoder. This provides you access to digital terrestrial and digital satellite television channels on the same decoder. The 2 in 1 combo has a stronger signal strength and sharper images.

When buying a Startimes decoder, you will find the decoder with a month free subscription, a remote, and a 10m outdoor antenna. If you find anything less in the box or the seal of the box is broken or tampered with, please desist from purchasing the decoder.


Startimes Bouquet and Subscription Price in Nigeria

Startimes consists of a host of channels aimed at giving the viewer an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Their list of available channels is broken down into several bouquets with a subscription fee attached to each bouquet. These channels are dedicated to sports, movies, music, news, educational, daily living, religion, home makeover, celebrities and so on.

The company has one of the cheapest subscription packages and packs a reasonable number of entertaining channels into its bouquets which would not only interest adults but also children. This makes it one of the best cable TV’s in Nigeria for the entire family.

Currently, there are four affordable packages (bouquet) plans which you can choose from. They are;

  • Startimes Nova
  • Startimes Basic
  • Startimes Classic
  • Startimes Unique


Startimes Nova

Startimes Nova Bouquet is the cheapest subscription package and offers the least of channels. This bouquet provides you access to over 26 channels which are dedicated to Nigerian and foreign news, children shows, movies, music, and sports.

Price: N900 per Month


Startimes Basic

Startimes Basic Bouquet consists of 40 channels which offer content similar to that of the Nova bouquet. However, it gives you more channels and options to pick from. Also, there are some learning and adventure channels which are just right for the family.

Price: N1,300 per Month


Startimes Classic

Startimes Classic Bouquet consists of 60 channels which means the viewer has more options to pick from.

Price: 2,400 per Month


Startimes Unique

Startimes Unique Bouquet is the most expensive Startimes package and gives you access to all 80 channels available in the decoder.

Price: N4,800 per Month


Final Words

You can get the decoder from any accredited Startimes dealer near you or you can go to any of their offices close to you. You can also purchase it online from various online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga.

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