Toyota Hilux Price in Nigeria 2023

Toyota Hilux is a pickup truck launched in 1968 and has earned lots of praises for its sturdiness, reliability, durability, and flexibility.

The truck has the ability to withstand a tremendous amount of stress and operate for long hours continuously without breaking down.

This is good news to the ears of every Nigerian who seeks a vehicle that can move through the stressful roads in the country without requiring much maintenance.

Over the years, there have been eight generations of Toyota Hilux with each promising more sturdiness, more reliability, and better features. The model earned a top name in the BBC motoring show, Top Gear, for its sturdiness and durability and is the top choice for most Nigerians who drive through untarred roads very often.

If you’re looking for a car that is sturdy, reliable, wouldn’t require maintenance and can be easily repaired, the Toyota Hilux is your best bet. Although it is a pickup truck, it can also double as a family car.

It is worthy to note that the Toyota Hilux is not the most rugged or reliable truck in the Toyota Arsenal as the company has gone ahead to develop several other varieties of pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota Tundra. However, this pickup truck remains one of the top choices of most car users as it is more affordable and doesn’t fail to deliver.


Where to Buy Toyota Hilux In Nigeria


Toyota Hilux is sold by any accredited Toyota dealer in Nigeria and you should expect to see only newer versions of the Hilux as brand new older versions are becoming scarce. In Nigeria, there are 8 accredited Toyota dealers. They include Elizade Nigeria Limited, Toyota Nigeria Limited, R.T. Briscoe Plc, Omoregie Motors, Metropolitan Motors, Germaine Auto Centre, Kojo Motors Ltd, and Mandilas Enterprises Ltd.

It is important to buy only from accredited Toyota dealers to ensure you enjoy the basic 3-year warranty on the vehicle and reduce the chances of you purchasing a stolen vehicle.



You can also buy from several platforms like Olx and Jiji. However, you can only find tokunbo Toyota Hilux on these platforms.

The vehicles are definitely cheaper than the brand new ones and you wouldn’t have to worry about customs fees, delivery fees, and other charges.

But it is important to consider the durability of the truck and go along with an expert to check if the truck is fully operational and in good condition before finalizing the purchase.

One of the major disadvantages of buying a fairly used Toyota Hilux is that you will not be able to enjoy the basic 3-year manufacturer warranty.

I strongly advise you recommend that you buy a new Toyota Hilux from an accredited dealer to validate and enjoy the warranty. It is important you consider this just in case you find a seller, from any of the platforms mentioned above, offering to sell a brand new one.


Price of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria

Factors affecting the prices of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria include fuel mileage, currency exchange rate at the moment of purchase and clearance and tariff fees.

Brand New (2015 and above) N15 million to N25 million
Locally Used (2015 and above) N7 million to N14 million
Foreign Used (2015 and above) N8.5 million to N15 million




Brand New Vs Foreign Used Vs Locally Used

Toyota Hilux is one of the most reputable pickup trucks in the automobile market. But the durability for you depends on the type you purchase. There are huge differences between brand new and used versions and that’s something to consider before settling for any version.

Brand new versions should be the top choice of any truck user hoping to get a Toyota pickup. They are, however, not just expensive upfront but also incur more fees on clearance and delivery.

Foreign used versions are cheaper. Prices vary and will depend on the condition of the truck; other factors that affect the price include currency exchange rate and fuel mileage. They are not as durable as the brand new models but are good enough.

Locally used cars are cars that have been used outside the country, then imported and used for a long or short period before being put up for sale. The car might also be imported brand new and used for a long or short while in the country before being put up for sale.

These cars are generally cheaper because they have lost significant value and depreciated with time. Prices vary and will depend on the condition of the car and the car parts. It is important to check if the car parts are still in good condition to ensure you are not purchasing a car you would have to fix every now and then.


Latest Versions of Toyota Hilux in Nigeria

The car is simply known for its sturdiness, easy maintenance, and reliability but not classic look. However, Toyota has rebranded the pickup truck and given newer models a whole new look.

The exterior and interior have been made more attractive to draw the attention of younger customers. Its 2017 model was also given a facelift to make it look more commanding and fashionable.

Newer versions of Toyota Hilux now come equipped with Toyota’s top safety features like airbags, vehicle stability control, emergency brake assist and downhill assist control.

It has also been revamped with a 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder turbo engine generating 148hop and 400Nm of torque. Also, some models come with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.


Wrap Up

Toyota Hilux is one of the most rugged and durable pickup truck in the automobile market and is a top choice for lovers of pickup trucks. However, it has a not so friendly fuel mileage which might pose an issue for truck users. We can only hope that Toyota fixes this problem in its future models.


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