Toyota Venza Price in Nigeria 2023

Toyota Venza was one of the mid-size crossover SUVs in Toyota’s arsenal unveiled in 2008 and is based on Camry Chassis.

It features a front-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive options and seemed to be a big hit until the company announced it was discontinuing production of the Venza in 2015.

Experts believe that the change in customer preference, stiff competition within the crossover SUV segment and the plunging of sales were factors that contributed to the discontinuation.

According to Toyota, the production of U.S models ended in 2015 when it was announced; however, export models ended productions in 2017.

This means you will not be able to get a new model of the Toyota Venza and you might likely not find them in the showrooms of accredited Toyota distributors and dealers nationwide.


Where to Buy Toyota Venza in Nigeria


Due to the discontinuation of the car, you will not be able to find them in the stores of distributors and dealers of Toyota vehicles nationwide. And that means you would have to opt for a used (tokunbo) Toyota Venza as it is the only option available at the moment.

You can purchase the car from websites like Jiji and Olx. However, you should be cautious when patronizing these sites to ensure you do not fall a victim of car scams or purchase stolen vehicles. It is advised you take with you a professional to check if the SUV is fully operational and in good condition before finalizing the purchase.

Since there are no new versions of the vehicle, you might likely not be able to find the spare parts on the market. But there are some spare parts that are general to all Toyota cars and you should be able to get that easily in any spare parts market as Toyota is a popular, trusted and well-recognized brand in Nigeria.

Note: If you find any seller on the websites stated above offering to sell a brand new Toyota Venza, it is advised you stay far away as the manufacturing company has discontinued the production for up to two years now.



You can also buy used Toyota Venza vehicles from distributors of tokunbo cars nationwide.


Cost of Toyota Venza in Nigeria Money

Factors affecting the price of the Venza include the currency exchange rate, custom and tariff fees, delivery fees, fuel mileage, and many others. Foreign used Toyota Venza vehicles will definitely cost more than locally used versions. However, the foreign used vehicles are the more preferred choice as they are more durable than locally used versions.


Price of Foreign Used Toyota Venza in Nigeria
  • Toyota Venza (2009 model)  N5,000,000 – N7,200,000
  • Toyota Venza (2010 model)  N5,200,000 – N7,800,000
  • Toyota Venza (2011 model)  N5,500,000 – N8,200,000
  • Toyota Venza (2012 model)  N6,300,000 – N8,500,000
  • Toyota Venza (2013 model)  N6,500,000 – N10,000,000
  • Toyota Venza (2015 model)  N11,000,000 – N14,000,000


Price of Locally Used Toyota Venza in Nigeria
  • Toyota Venza (2009 model)  N4,600,000 – N5,800,000
  • Toyota Venza (2010 model)  N4,800,000 – N6,300,000
  • Toyota Venza (2011 model)  N4,800,000 – N6,600,000
  • Toyota Venza (2012 model)  N4,800,000 – N6,800,000
  • Toyota Venza (2013 model)  N5,000,000 – N8,000,000
  • Toyota Venza (2015 model)  N7,200,000 – N11,500,000




Foreign Used Vs Locally Used

There are only two options of the Venza to choose from; either the foreign used versions or the locally used versions.

Foreign used versions are simply cars that have been used outside the country for a period of time before being brought to Nigeria for sale. These cars have definitely reduced in quality and value but would still be in a good condition.

It is important to take note of the car before making the purchase as they would not be as durable as brand new models and may develop faults easily.

However, some foreign used versions are able to remain very durable and require little maintenance during use. Taking a professional with you could come in handy to check the in and out of the car for faults and leakages.

Locally used versions, on the other hand, are cars that have been used outside the country for a period of time and then used in the country for another period of time.

These cars are lower in quality compared to the foreign used versions, which makes them cheaper than the foreign used versions.

It is also advised to take a professional with you to check the parts and condition of the car before finalizing the purchase rather than making a hurried purchase due to the seemingly cheap price.


Toyota Venza Features


The Venza has an impressive exterior styling, although, the styling of each model differs. The interior design is also top notch with comfy seats. But the SUV lacks a sporty look.


Fuel Economy

Toyota Venza is one of the best Toyota cars with a great fuel economy. This is a great feature that ensures it minimizes fuel usage and saves costs when in use.


Safety Features

Since Toyota discontinued production of all models worldwide in 2017, you shouldn’t expect to see the latest Toyota safety features in the Venza. The company has included several state-of-the-art safety features in its latest models including the 2018 models of all its vehicles.

These safety features include a pre-collision alert system to ensure that you don’t collide with other cars and pedestrians while driving, an automatic braking system that works in hand with the pre-collision system, road sign assist and lane tracing assist system to ensure that you drive safely.

However, you can find standard safety features in the Venza and they include brake assist, vehicle stability control, monitoring system, hill-start control, and seven standard airbags.


Wrap Up

Toyota Venza is considered more of a wagon than a crossover SUV and it lacks the sturdiness of other Toyota SUVs like the 4Runner, Highlander and RAV4. The vehicle is quite comfortable to drive and features a 4-cylinder engine option like most Toyota vehicles.

The spare parts are very expensive on the market, which might be due to scarcity as Toyota had discontinued production of the Venza and its spare parts for some years.


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