Turkish/Turkey Door Prices in Nigeria 2023

Doors are an important part of every building.

The front door, for instance, is the focal point of every building and is an important factor in maintaining a building’s security and energy efficiency.

Most buildings have more than a single door.

With multiple rooms and floors, doors also come handy within a building as they help in separating one room from another and one floor from the next.

This shows that a door not only functions as a means of security but also a provider of privacy as well as an energy manager. As such, choosing a door that’s not only beautiful but also reliable is a necessity for every homeowner.

Fortunately, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a door for your building in Nigeria. With options ranging from local wooden doors, fabricated steel and aluminum doors to premium quality imported doors in the country, you can never run out of options.

This post is aimed at providing you with more information about the prices of the various types of imported Turkish doors in Nigeria.

Turkish doors are amongst one of the most sought-after doors in Nigeria and I have compiled this post to give you more insight on their prices as well as a few things to check before buying any door for your home or office.


Cost of Turkey Doors in Nigeria

Turkish doors, like other types of doors, come in two size categories; the 3ft tall types and the 4 ft tall types. Both the 3 ft and 4 ft heights are often made of the same material and by the same brand.

Below are the prices of the various types of Turkish doors.


Turkish Door Type 3 ft 4 ft
Turkish Armored Door N350,000 – N370,000 N450,000 – N470,000
Turkish Luxury Door N210,000 – N220,000 N290,000 – N300,000
Turkish Pompom Door N100,000 – N110,000 N130,000 – N140,000
Turkish Security Core for Entrance N155,000 – N165,000 N210,000 – N220,000
Turkish Special Door N170,000 – N180,000 N220,000 – N230,000
Turkish Walnut Door N130,000 – N140,000 N350,000 – N370,000


As observed from the table, the 4ft types are always more expensive than the 3ft types even when they are both of the same material.

The price of Turkish doors in Nigeria is dependent on a lot of factors.

Since these doors are imported, their prices will fluctuate as the country’s exchange rate fluctuates. So you may find that the prices quoted here will be quite different from those in the market. This is because sellers of Turkish doors are free to fix their own prices without any regulations except for the forces of demand and supply.




Things to Consider When Buying A New Turkish Door

These are a few things you might want to consider when buying a new door either for internal or external use.

Interior Turkish Door

Swing type: doors open to either the left or right. This is called door handedness. It is important to consider the swing direction of a door before buying it, especially if you intend using it within your building. This is because door wings can easily take up space and even come in your way once you’re getting settled down. As a rule, your door swing direction should be towards areas with less obstruction and requiring lower traffic with time.


Weight: Steel doors in most cases are ridiculously heavy and not recommended for interior use.

For your interior needs, you might want to consider other less bulky Turkish door options like the doors made from aluminum or fiberglass.


Color: Turkish doors come in a wide variety of colors. As such, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing a color for your interior decoration. Most often, it is recommended that you choose doors with the same color shade as your interior decor. This, of course, is not a rule. You can as well choose a color that subtly contrasts your existing interior color.


Exterior Turkish Door

Material: For maximum security, steel doors are often recommended for exterior doors. This is because steel doors offer a lot more resistance to forced entry than any other type of door material. Steel also does not rust easily.

Most Turkish security doors are made of steel and fabricated to provide maximum protection for your home and property. If. however, you’re looking for a more affordable door that still offers some level of security, the next best material option to the steel is an aluminum Turkish door.


Longevity: Chances are you won’t want to replace your door in the next few years. As such, choosing a door with a long life span is necessary.

Surprisingly, wooden doors are reputed to be the longest-lasting type of door materials. They are both suitable for interior and exterior designs. And they are quite easy to re-design. Of course, you can find wooden Turkish doors in Nigeria. Doors like the Turkey hardwood door and the Turkish walnut door are made from wood and are among the cheapest types of Turkish doors in Nigeria.


Color: These doors can be purchased or painted in a wide variety of colors. This gives you more flexibility to pick the color that best suits your design. Most times you’ll want to go with a color that compliments your existing color palette or better still go with a color that subtly contrasts your existing palette. This should, however, only be done in a very secure neighborhood as it keeps the door the focal point of your exterior.


Where To Buy Turkish Doors In Nigeria?

You can easily shop for Turkish doors online in Nigeria and ship them to wherever you are in the country. Some great options for shopping online in Nigeria include jiji.ng and olx.com. But never pay before delivery on such platforms.

Optionally, you can visit a door shop in your local market and you can be sure you’ll find a good selection in the store.


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