How to Start Profitable Cucumber Business in Nigeria 2023

Agriculture has proven to be a vital source of revenue for various countries of the world.

Prior to the discovery of oil at Oloibiri in 1956, Nigeria operated an agro-based economy.

But things have changed with the advent of oil.

Cucumber, a vegetable consumed globally due to its nutrient-rich nature, would, without any doubt, be a huge source of revenue for agriculture in Nigeria if cucumber farming is greatly encouraged.

Its global consumption nature makes it an exportable crop if cultivated at a high rate.

The demand for cucumber globally is high due to its numerous health benefits which include its relevance for diabetic patients, vital for skin irritating infections, fight against cancer, and bad breath amongst other benefits.

However, starting a cucumber farming business in Nigeria would be a great venture for an entrepreneur as it stands a higher chance of generating great profit if the right steps are taken.

The perception of many in Nigeria that agricultural ventures can only thrive in Northern Nigeria is false; cucumber farming is practicable in any location with loamy soil whether in the North, East, or West.

The focal point of this write up is on steps necessary for successful cucumber farming venture in Nigeria.

These steps include conducting thorough research on cucumber farming, business plan, suitable location, land preparation for cultivation, perfect timing, and harvesting. The steps listed are explained below.


Step 1: Research and Consultation

Every successful business is not bereft of thorough research and consultation. And cucumber farming is no different. Adequate research on cucumber inclusive of its nutrient, market demand, possible profit, positives and negatives of the venture, and self-evaluation are all necessary for starting cucumber farming.

Consulting farmers in the business is equally not a bad idea because their experience is necessary for the advice offered to a beginner; helpful tips from them can also be vital.

Many individuals neglect the idea of consulting research before embarking on a business venture. No wonder there are more cases of failed businesses than successful businesses.

The fact that research exposes one to hidden knowledge makes it essential for starting any business. And for a venture like a cucumber farming business that requires skilled farming, the role of research cannot be under-estimated.


Step 2: Business Plan

This step is one of the most important steps in cucumber business. This is because a good business plan defines a business. These days, modernized farming has taken over agricultural ventures.

With a great business plan, a cucumber farmer can attract investors that will push the trade to greater heights. Also, presenting a nice business plan could aid in securing loans for farmers with fewer finances to start the business.

Needless to say, a business plan creates room for the near-perfect organization for any business. With this, cucumber business is sure to bring positive returns. Plus, it is dumb in this 21st century for a farmer to do business with a poor organization which is the result of no business plan.




Step 3: Suitable Land/Location

Getting a suitable land or location is extremely important for cucumber farming. Almost every agricultural activity is carried out on land. Loamy soil, due to the water-rich nature of cucumber, is best for cultivation.

The land must have easy access to sunlight because cucumber needs adequate sunlight for it to grow well. The absence of sunlight greatly affects its growth. Also, the location for cultivation must be easily accessible to customers because high sales will be recorded when the market is easily accessible. Hence, the location should be close to the market.

A location that would also ensure easy transportation of produce for the farmer from the farm to readily available markets is needed for a great cucumber business venture.

Some farmers tend to neglect this with the belief that once there are multiple harvests, buyers would not mind the cost of transporting the produce due to its high demand in the market, which is vague.


Step 4: Land Preparation for Cultivation

Another major step is preparing the land to be used for cultivation. This involves clearing the land effectively and weeding. For cucumber farming, weeding is best done with bare hands to prevent quick and easy growth of weed roots on the farm. The use of herbicides for weeds could be harmful to growth.

The spacing for planting should be properly coordinated, at least 50cm apart from each other is not a bad idea and a hole 2.5cm deep is equally good.

Rows and columns that would allow easy human passage, easy penetration for tractors and less stress while harvesting, is essential.

Not to forget is the fact that fertilizing the soil prior to planting cucumber is vital. The use of NPK 15:15:15 is advisable but it is best to use organic manure so the soil will retain its nature and the health of the plant would not be affected.


Step 5: Timing

Though rainy season can be described as perfect timing for cucumber farming, planting of cucumber is not restricted to any time of the year. It can be planted anytime provided there is a steady source of water supply for effective growth.

Cucumber has a high demand for water. This means a proper arrangement for water supply should be made; a borehole could be built close to the farm to ensure a steady supply of water, the land could be located near the stream, and the use of sprinklers to spray water on the farm is not out of place.

Despite the need for water, erosion control is equally relevant. The land should not be damp and should not suffer drought. Aside from land, water can be said to be the most relevant tool for good cucumber growth, not forgetting the role of sunlight.


Step 6: Harvesting

The reward for labor is the wage; farmers get their income through the sale of crops harvested from the farm.

As mentioned earlier, the market demand for cucumber is high, which makes the labor and hard work worth it. What you just need to do is create publicity for the availability of produce for sale.

The maturity date for cucumber depends on the type of seeds cultivated. Some take about 40-45 days while others take about 50-70 days. It is necessary to make an inquiry about the maturity date while buying the seeds to avoid mistakes.

Harvesting cucumber is done manually to prevent damages and bruises. Washing and proper arrangement in sack bags for storage are needful.


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