How to Start Egg Delivery Business in Nigeria

Are you planning to start an egg distribution business in Nigeria?

Egg supply business involves obtaining and distributing eggs to direct consumers, shops, stores, restaurants, eateries, companies, hotels, supermarkets, and individual business owners.

When it comes to dealing in lucrative entrepreneurial businesses in Nigeria, it’s a promising one. And as far as making a substantial profit is concerned, egg distribution business is highly rewarding.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a poultry business in Nigeria, you’re right on track.

Looking at certain factors, you’ll find that people can’t do without eggs on an everyday basis. Restaurants too need eggs to serve dishes to their customers.

An egg contains some nutritional values which make medical doctors recommend it for children, adults, and for companies that produce snacks.


What Makes Egg Supply Business Lucrative?

Looking at the number of personalities or caliber of people that demand eggs on a daily basis, you would see that egg distribution business wouldn’t fail at all.

Almost every individual consumes eggs every day let alone talking about bakeries, makers of snacks, restaurant owners, companies and others.

Aside from using eggs for consumption purpose, they are also used by food manufacturing and snack making industries out there to bake snacks, prepare food and all of that for the full pleasure of their customers.

And when we talk about the greatest source of protein for humanity, it’s found in eggs. Scientific researchers also testify to this and recommend the consumption of an egg per day to make the most out of eggs.

The egg distribution industry is worth millions of dollars in Nigeria as well as in the entire world. As many people as possible that venture or want to venture into this business would definitely earn a great deal of money dealing in such a business.

Thus, venturing into egg supply business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world is a great business initiative and is highly rewarding.


What Do You Do in Egg Distribution Business?

Egg supply business involves the distribution of eggs from the poultry farms to individual customers, traders, restaurants, food production factories, and any other entity that needs it every day, bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on the respective demands of the different entities. So, the distribution of eggs depends on the needs or demand of the people.

Depending on the financial capabilities of individuals, various people demand eggs in crates as well as in larger quantities. Several other opportunities are also available in egg supply business. Let’s consider some of them below.




What are the opportunities in Egg Supply Business?

You supply the fitness center

Eggs are also needed across the fitness centers as they supply much of protein in the body. This ensures that clients take eggs regularly and build up the right muscle.

You can also supply to gymnastic centers around as they also recommend much intake of eggs to their clients on a regular basis. From there, you’ll get more buyers and grow your egg distribution business.


You supply industries

Many industries also need eggs to complete the manufacturing of several products. They order eggs in large quantities and use them to improve their production quality and brand.

To gain access to most manufacturing firms out there, draft your proposal and forward it to them making sure you sound so genuine to them. Once your proposal is found to be genuine to those people, getting bulk orders from them regularly is guaranteed.


You supply traders

You have hundreds of thousands of traders at your own disposal in each of the localities out there that you can supply eggs to in large quantities. This is potential for you to make lots of sales.

Some of these traders would demand a daily supply while others would demand a weekly supply. You can connect to several poultry farms in your vicinity to ensure that more than enough eggs are delivered as at when due.


You supply the restaurant establishments

You also have the restaurants at your own disposal that you can do business with as far as distributing eggs is concerned. They also leverage the nutrition in eggs to make a lot of sales as some customers can choose to buy eggs in place of fish and meat.


How to Start Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

Follow the steps below to start up your business.

Acquire a vehicle

In order to move smoothly with the business, you will need to acquire a vehicle which could be a personal car, rented car, or any other type of vehicle suitable for distributing eggs across to your customers in the various localities. It’s not easy to transport eggs in crates from one location to another without acquiring a vehicle.

Because eggs are so fragile, using a public transportation system could cause a lot of damage and you could sustain heavy losses.


Get connected to a poultry firm that produces large quantities of eggs frequently

In order to ensure that you have a continued supply of eggs to all of your customers everywhere, you need connections with big poultry farms. You can always return to them whenever you need to supply in large quantities to certain customers or firms.

Get up to two or three poultry farms around you and discuss with them on how you’ll be getting egg supplies whenever you want to distribute to certain people or places.


Set up a storage facility

You need a store where you can keep your products so that it becomes easier for local customers to quickly receive orders whenever they need them. So, anyone can come anytime and pick up eggs.


Acquire the needed tools

Every business requires tools. Egg distribution business equally requires tools and the common tools needed for this business are crates made with plastic or any other material.


Benefits of Egg Distribution Business

  1. The initial setup cost is low
  2. It helps to make constant profits
  3. It’s easy to manage
  4. It doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill to start up


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