Mass Communication Jobs Salary in Nigeria 2023

Are you curious to know how much a professional Journalist or any other Mass Communicator earns in monthly salary?

You’re going to learn all of that in this article.

Media houses are always in need of Mass media specialists or those that studied Journalism in a Nigerian University.

Mass Communication is one of the most lucrative programs chosen by many Nigerians while preparing for their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME).

Although Journalism is the main discipline most people specialize in while studying Mass Communication in Nigerian Universities & Polytechnics, it’s an indisputable fact that this is one of the widest programs in our private, state & federal Universities in Nigeria.

Aside from studying Journalism, there are so many other disciplines in the Mass Communication field that anyone can choose as a career and all of these are quite promising and rewarding in today’s economic world.

So, you can rest assured that jobs are available no matter which of the disciplines you may decide to specialize in.


Things to Know about Mass Communication

Aside from getting to know the remuneration rates meant for a Mass Communication specialist, it’s worth learning more about the profession, the essential skills that a Mass Communicator needs to acquire in order to operate successfully in labour markets as well as the places he can possibly practice as a media specialist after graduating from the University.


The Mass Communication Profession

This profession is aimed at ensuring that specialists are raised nationally in the areas of media, journalism and other aspects of mass communication.


Essential Skills Needed by a Mass Communicator
  1. A Mass Communicator must be able to write well.
  2. A Mass Communicator must be wise and intelligent.
  3. A Mass Communicator must love to read always.
  4. A Mass Communicator must be good at managing time.
  5. A Mass Communicator must be good at information management


Where Does a Mass Communicator Work?
  1. A Mass Communicator works as a small business owner.
  2. A Mass Communicator works in media houses such as radio, newspaper and television stations.
  3. A Mass Communicator works at state and federal government agencies.
  4. He works at advertising and publicity agencies.
  5. He is much needed in research firms.
  6. He also works in public relation companies


Jobs in Mass Communication Field

Anyone may choose any of the following Mass Communication careers:

  • Documentary and film
  • Research and marketing
  • Newspaper and magazine printing
  • Advertising and publicity
  • Photojournalism
  • Television, radio & online radio
  • Public relations
  • Social media management




Salary of Mass Communication in Nigeria

Mass Communication professionals in Nigerian media firms are regarded as high salary earners due to the nature of their jobs and years of experience in the field.

For those who have stayed for years working as media professionals, the monthly salary ranges from N350,000 to N450,000 excluding the numerous bonuses that are usually attached to the monthly salary, whereas, the monthly salary ranges from N60,000 to N150,000 for fresh graduates who are posted to the field as media reporters, depending on the firm.

More specifically, let’s take a closer look at the remuneration rates for Mass Communicators based on the various sectors of the economy.


Business & Industries

Under this sector, there are jobs & vacancies for media consultants, marketing and information as well as for research analysts. So, relevant careers like these are needed in industries & business firms.

The monthly salary ranges from N120,000 to N150,000 for a fresh graduate and from N200,000 to N450,000 for an experienced consultant that has got years of experience on the field, depending on whether it’s a private or public sector.

Fresh graduates mostly get full-time jobs in the industries while retirees who were University lecturers or editors usually work on a contractual basis.


Mass Media & Journalism

It’s obvious that most Mass Communication graduates work as journalists in labour markets. Being one of the most lucrative Mass Communication disciplines, it ensures that a specialist is able to write & edit news & stories in a way that is presentable to the potential audience out there.

Jobs and vacancies are usually provided for those who can proofread, write stories, or those who can work as reporters & correspondents.

Although it may be considered that the reward of being a Mass Communicator is not so commensurate to the job in most cases when compared to that of other professionals out there, one can just be a great asset to the nation by choosing to specialize in any one of those disciplines.

The issue with the reward is that even in private firms, the salary varies from one company to another. For instance, there are newspaper firms in Nigeria that pay fresh graduates between N40,000 to N60,000 and there are bigger firms that offer the same category of employees a higher pay. Some pay up to N80,000 monthly to starters. Examples of such organizations include The Guardian Dailies, The Punch Newspapers, and the likes.


Public Relations Advertising

There is a high pay rate in this sector of Mass Communication. Some of the careers needed for this sector include media directors, publicity managers, social media managers, media managers, Public Relation specialists, graphic design experts and others and the salary is always high.



As a graduate of Mass Communication, you may decide to proceed to the master’s and doctoral degrees which may grant you the opportunity of working as a University lecturer in your speciality. It’s known that a junior lecturer or graduate assistant in any federal University earns from N150,000 to N300,000 per month while a senior lecturer earns well above N500,000 monthly.

However, the case might be different in some private Universities that have been in operation for decades. What a Journalism lecturer earns monthly from a 5-year old private University ranges from N80,000 to N120,000 a month; lecturers with Mass Communication qualifications earn more than N350,000 monthly in older private Universities.


Wrap Up

The job of Mass Communication is enormous and rewarding compared to that of certain professions out there. Any Mass Communication career may be chosen as a course of study at the University. Most importantly, being able to practice as a Mass Communication specialist would ensure that anyone makes the most out of the profession.

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