Price of Security Doors in Nigeria 2023

Security doors have two excellent advantages over all other types of doors.

The ability to better prevent intruders and at the same time allows for proper air circulation without compromise on the security it offers.

Aside from preventing forced entry, security doors allow for proper ventilation of the building without the necessity of leaving the door open or partly closed.

This can come really handy during hot weather or for those living in warm areas.

Therefore, if you are looking for a door to keep your household and property safe from burglars and at the same time allow for proper ventilation, getting a security door is your best bet.

Most modern security doors are now even more fashionable than conventional doors. They come with beautiful in-glass design, shiny rust-resistant metallic frames and are available in almost in every color you might want.

This is a detailed guide on how to find the best security doors for your home or office needs as well as the price range of various models of security doors in Nigeria.


What To Look For In A Security Door

Here, I’ll show you the various parts of a security door you need to check before parting with your money.

Most security doors can only secure your home against flies and not really against human intruders. These sort of doors are often common in the market and are a lot cheaper. You should watch out and ensure you get the best deal for your money.


The Door Frame

When purchasing a security door, the first thing to look out for is the security door frame. The door frame is the most important part of any security door. A good door frame should be made from either steel or aluminum.

The quality of a security door is dictated by the quality of the frame put in place. Most cheap doors will have a frame whose security link will be very thin. This weakens the overall link to the main framework which in turn can easily compromise your security.


Aluminium or Steel?

As expected, security doors made with steel provides more resistance to attack. Steel doors, however, are no longer very common in Nigeria as they are often very bulky and have the potential to rust.

If you live in an area with a high rate of break-ins, you might want to consider going for a high-quality steel frame security door. If your requirements are not so stringent then you can go for an aluminum frame security door. Most security doors in the market use aluminum for their frames as it is lighter and resistant to rust and at the same time provide sufficient resistance to attack.


The Grille or Mesh

The door frames often consist of meshes or grilles lined from one end of the frame to the other.

This primarily prevents intrusion and most times the mesh and grille are decorative in nature.

The most popular type of infill on the market today is the aluminum diamond design, which is both functional and decorative. While this may be the most popular type of infill for security doors, it is by no means the safest. The most secure type of security infill is the steel mesh type.

However, the ability of the infill to withstand attack is dependent on the fixing system which holds it in place.


Lock and Hinges

The locks on most security doors are quite effective and do not require much attention as most can easily withstand forced opening. What you should look out for are the hinges.

As a rule of thumb, all security doors should come with at least two hinges. And when the door is being installed, ensure the hinges are installed at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Stay away from any security door that comes with two or even a single hinge. Also, ensure any door you’re going for comes with at least three point locks as these can easily come handy especially for day to day use.




Prices of Security Doors In Nigeria

I’ve tried as much as possible to provide you with accurate figures in this article as regards the prices of Security doors in Nigeria. However, since the prices are is not been regulated by any federal government agency, it is expected to vary from one seller to another and from one part of the country to another.

Most times, the price you’ll be getting will depend on the buyer, your location, the exchange rate (since most of these doors are imported) and your ability to bargain properly with the seller. Below are the prices of the various types of security doors in Nigeria.


Security Door Type 3ft Model 4ft Model
Chinese Security Door N40,000-N55,000 N40,000-N55,000
German armored security door N120,000 – N200,000 N15,000 – N250,000
German copper security door N45,000 – N75,000 N60,000 – N80,000
Local steel security door N20,000 – N35,000 N15,000 – N40,000
Turkish classic security door N120,000 – N140,000 N120,000 – N160,000
Turkish luxury security door N20,000 – N300,000 N250,000 – N320,000


Where to Buy Security Doors In Nigeria?

Security doors are available in most major markets in Nigeria and almost every dealer in building materials will have them in stock. You can also order most of these doors online at a more affordable rate, especially on Jiji, if you will be buying in bulk.

For local security doors, you can often find makers along major federal roads in Nigeria. Local security doors are a lot cheaper than most imported doors and if you live in a low crime area, you can conveniently go for a local door as it can help you cut down on your expenses.

Buying a security door in Nigeria is quite important, especially with the increasing crime rate in the country. While there is no security door that will provide 100% safety for your home, having one in place tends to dissuade burglars as they often find it almost impossible to break in through such doors.


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