10 Best Tile Manufacturers in Canada

Tiles add a great finish to the home.

Many Canadian homeowners appreciate the importance of tiles and seek for the best tile manufacturers in Canada to handle.

A lot of companies claim to be the best on paper but when it comes to handling projects, they don’t worth the hype.

This article is the list of the best tile manufacturers in Canada. These are companies that you can hand-over your home tiling projects to and go to sleep knowing that they will handle it to your satisfaction.

Top 10 Tile Manufacturers in Canada

1. Olympia Tile+Stone

Based in Toronto, Olympia Tile+Stoneis a force to reckon with in the Canadian tiling industry. Thanks to the continuous innovations and excellent service delivery, this manufacturer has steadily risen through the ranks to become a household name as far as tiling projects are concerned.

With a concentration in tile installations, they also offer other valuable services ranging from metal molding to FlexTile installation and US Durock shower system.

  • Website: http://olympiatile.com
  • Phone: +14167856666; +18002681613 (Toll Free); +14167859682 (Fax)
  • Address: 1000 Lawrence Avenue West, North York, Toronto, ON, M6A 1C6

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2. Faiola Tile

This Brampton-based tile manufacturer prides itself on using the best and latest architectural materials from around the world to add more breathtaking finishes to homes.

Whether you are looking for wood-like tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, or décor tile, you can be confident that they will offer you the best tiling products at all times. Thanks to the vast chain of suppliers they work with, the company always has enough tiles sourced from Turkey, Spain, and Italy to meet the needs of customers.

  • Website: https://www.faiolatile.com
  • Email: info@faiolatile.com
  • Phone: +19054517170
  • Address: 241 Clarence Street, Brampton, ON, L6W4P2, Canada

3. Best Tiles and Flooring

As the name suggests and as the company always delivers, you are certain of having the best tiles and flooring that will put those definite touches and highlights you see in the movies.

Worthy of mention is that this tile manufacturer doesn’t sacrifice quality while delivering affordable tiles and flooring for your home.

Besides, they supply you with all kinds of tiles and flooring, ranging from marble to ceramic. And if you want something unique, you can always order custom services.

The reputation of the company as a leading tile and flooring supplier in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is not unconnected to the emphasis on quality service delivery, durable tiles and flooring as well as a vast collection of flooring products to select from.

  • Website: https://www.besttilesandflooring.com
  • Email: inquiries.btf@gmail.com
  • Phone: +19055951139; +19055951140 (Fax)
  • Address: 30 Strathearn Ave, Brampton, ON, L6T 4L8

4. Quarry Direct

Are you looking for beautiful stones from around the world? Or accessories to accentuate your tiling projects?

No matter the type of project you have at hand, Quarry Directis always there to provide you with the right type of service that will give you the desired result in real-time.

They offer numerous tiling services, including flush vents, heated floor systems, travertine, ledge stone, sealers, adhesives, and marble.

  • Website: https://quarrydirect1.com
  • Phone: +19058207300
  • Address: 2575 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON L5K, 2M6 Canada

5. Tiles & Stone Factory

Here is Vancouver’s major retailer of wall and floor products for different uses ranging from exterior to interior applications.

Tiles & Stone Factoryhave broken many milestones throughout their 12 years of business experience. With hundreds of Canadian homes now shining as bright as the star thanks to this company, I’m hopeful that you will be pleased with their services, too.

They specialize in many tile and flooring areas such as porcelain and ceramic tiles, vinyl flooring, natural stones, marble, mosaics, slate, and glass tiles.

  • Website: https://tilestonefactory.com
  • Phone: +16044514001
  • Address: 4385 Canada Way Burnaby, BC Canada

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6. Ames Tile & Stone

This is one of the Canadian tile manufacturers that specialize in the sourcing and production of different types of tile and flooring products.

Reputed for their excellent service delivery and vast collections of Novahex, Cryaons, Overcome, and Fahrenheit series, they promise to provide you with elegant and industrial style tiles and flooring.

They also offer products ranging from Mosa to wall tiles, outdoor tiles, floor tile, vinyl flooring, and natural stone.

  • Website: http://www.amestile.com
  • Email: orders@amestile.com
  • Phone: +12046339491
  • Address: 970 Lorimer Blvd (10,279.58 km), R3P 1C8 Winnipeg, MB, Canada

7. SS Tiles and Stones

This is a Canadian tile manufacturer that takes your tiling and flooring needs to a whole new level. With an extensive network of suppliers and a wide range of options to finish any space in your home or office, SS Tiles and Stonesis your best hub for any type of tiles in Canada.

What’s more? They handle the whole job for you starting from the sourcing and ordering of tiling and flooring materials to the installation and maintenance.

  • Website: https://sstileandstone.ca
  • Email: info@sstileandstone.ca
  • Phone: +14162312222
  • Address: 236 Norseman Street, Etobicoke, ON, M8Z 2R4

8. Centura

It’s high time you stopped imagining having those precious stones in your home and start taking actions to have some of them installed.

For this to happen, you need the professional tiling and flooring services offered by Centura. They have been a major player in the Canadian tiling industry for many years and their inputs are not in doubt.

Some of the vast collection of products and services they offer are sheet vinyl, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, entrance and ergonomic mats, wall base, carpet tiles, natural stone, and rubber tiles.

  • Website: https://www.centura.ca
  • Phone: +14032590106; +14032557743 (Fax)
  • Address: 7360-12 Street S.E. Calgary, (AB), T2H 2Y4

9. Savoia Canada Architectural Surfaces

There is a reason why many Canadian homeowners are pleased with the services of this tile manufacturer. It is none other than the diverse gloss level and finishes of the tiles and flooring services they offer. They range from thru-color to 3d plaid and slate.

The company is also popular because of the vast collection of construction materials that cut across porcelain, glass, ceramic, travertine, and natural stone.

  • Website: https://www.savoia.com
  • Phone: +18772777654; +19057893755
  • Address: 50 Kenview Boulevard, Brampton, ON, L6T 5S8

10. Creekside Tile Company Ltd

Creekside is a major manufacturer and dealer of natural stone mosaics, terracotta, modern accents, and concrete. They also specialize in machine-made mosaics, handmade ceramic tile, porcelain, glass, machine-made ceramic tile, and cladding.

And for additional highlights, you can always trust them with the job because they are inspired by the traditional geometrical patterns and finishes that were prevalent during the Edwardian and Victorian times.

  • Website: https://www.creeksidetile.com
  • Phone: +16048764900 (Vancouver); +14162563800 (Toronto); +16048764902 (Fax)
  • Address: 48 West 5th Avenue Vancouver, BC Canada V5Y 1H5


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