Germany Visa Fee in Nigeria 2019

Looking forward to a trip to Germany?

You should start processing your Germany visa right away.

A visa is a document which grants you the opportunity to travel to other countries.

A Germany visa will grant you entrance to Germany and at the same time to other EU member countries. Germany visa is commonly referred to as Schengen visa and covers member countries. For instance, if you obtain a German (Schengen) visa, you can travel to other countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, and Lithuania without applying for new visas.

That’s the beauty of the Schengen visa.

With it, you can travel to over 20 countries without applying for a visa every single time. However, you’ll only be allowed to do this under the 90/180 rule. The 90/180 rule allows you to stay in a country for a period of 90 days after every 180 days. So you can only stay for 90 days at a time in any of the Schengen areas unless you gain a permanent residence visa.

Here, I have provided you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Germany visa, Germany visa fees as well as a detailed analysis of Germany visa requirements.


Germany Visa Requirements

Before you even consider applying for a Germany visa, you should check the official Germany visa requirements to ensure you have all the necessary documents. This way, your application wouldn’t be denied or met with hurdles.

Below are the requirements:

  • International passport requirement: you must possess the Nigerian international passport with at least two blank pages and expiration date at least six months beyond your return date. Also, your international passport must have been issued within the last ten years
  • Two colored passport photographs
  • A cover letter detailing your travel plans and intentions
  • Your flight itinerary. You are advised to show your return flight date
  • Hotel bookings for the duration of your stay
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the visit. Also, your bank statement for the last 6 months
  • Travel health insurance letter showing that your medical treatment in Germany is covered during your stay in Germany
  • A visa application form
  • If applicable:
    • Leave letter from your employer
    • A guarantor’s form that has been signed by the person inviting you to Germany
    • Copy of the passport of the person inviting you to Germany as well as a residence permit
    • A prepaid envelope by a major courier for the return of the original copies of your documents
    • Invitation letter by employer or institution
    • Proof of enrollment in a tertiary institution.
  • For minors
    • Original birth certificate
    • Signature of both parents on the application form if they are traveling alone and if with one parent, the signature of the other parent should be on the application form
    • A copy of the parent’s passport
    • Death certificate of parents if applicable




Germany Visa Fees in Nigeria

You’ll need to pay a sum of €60 as processing fee for your visa application. This can be paid in cash or by using your debit card at the German consulate in Lagos when you go to submit your visa application forms.

Not everyone is required to pay the visa fee. Children under six years are exempted. School pupils, undergraduates, postgraduates and teaching staff traveling to Germany for the sole purpose of studying are also exempted from the visa fee.

Those participating in activities organized by non-profit organizations as well as researchers from third world countries traveling through the Schengen territory are also exempted.


Germany Visa Application Process

The process is quite straightforward.

  • First off, you’ll need to check the above requirements and ensure that you have all the necessary documents
  • Fill and print the German visa application form. Ensure you fill the form electronically before printing it. Your application will be automatically rejected if the application form is filled with a pen/pencil
  • Proceed to the German consulate in Lagos along with all the necessary documents (check requirements)

Address: 15 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone number: +234 280 9966

  • You’ll be required to pay the visa application fee and then submit your application forms and all other documents
  • Once submitted, you can then wait for the original copies of your documents to be mailed to you via a courier service

Note: After submitting your visa application forms, you’ll need to wait for an appointment date. This date will be communicated to you during the application and this is usually the day for your interview. Ensure you go back with all the original copies of your documents, which must have been returned to you. Also, the German consulate does not bear the loss of your documents during transit. Therefore, choose your courier service carefully.


Types of German Visa

Depending on your purpose, there are different categories of Germany visa that will apply for the occasion.

Whether you are traveling for study, business, pleasure or to reside permanently in Germany, you’ll have to apply for a German visa type whose description matches your purpose of traveling.

The various types of Germany visa include:

  • Tourist/visitor visa
  • Business visa
  • Visa to study in Germany
  • Scientist/visiting scholar visa
  • Training/Internship Visa
  • Jobseeker visa
  • Employment visa
  • Freelance visa
  • Visa for recognition of professional qualifications
  • Trade fair & exhibition visa
  • Medical treatment visa
  • Airport transit visa
  • Family reunion visa to join a relative or partner
  • Visa for cultural, film crew, sports, and religious events purposes
  • Visa for spouse/relatives of EU/German national

Ensure you choose the appropriate visa type for your visit so that your application won’t be denied. I believe the names of the various visa types are self-explanatory.

Have you ever applied for a Germany visa before? Please share your experience with us.


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