Apple MacBook Pro Laptops Prices in Nigeria

MacBook Pro is one of the high-end models of Apple laptops and features a line of Apple notebook laptops with top performance and portability.

It was introduced in January 2006 with features including 13 to 15 inches screen size and up to 32GB of memory (RAM). Production of the 17-inch version ended in 2012, so you are less likely to find such on the market

Apple has continuously improved on the MacBook Pro since its inception, with the addition of more features like the “Touch Bar”.

However, the laptop is known to be one of the most criticized models due to its battery life. Most users have complained of the inconsistent battery life. Newer models have, however, been optimized for longer battery life.

A MacBook Pro laptop is expected to last about 10 hours, making it one of the best performing laptops on the market. But it is not as long-lasting as the MacBook Air, which could go on for about 12 hours.

Apple produced several MacBook Pro laptops with different capacities in both processor speed, memory (RAM), storage (ROM) and size to suit the need of every customer. All you would need to do is to pick the laptop that would perform best for you.


Where to Buy Apple MacBook Pro Laptops in Nigeria


You can get it in any e-commerce site in Nigeria including top sites like Jumia and Konga. However, the prices on these sites tend to be inflated, which means you might be buying at a higher price than its original value.

If you are opting for a used one, then you should turn to other platforms like Jiji and Olx. Used MacBook Pro laptops tend to have reduced quality, value and durability and you shouldn’t expect them to function the same way as brand new versions. However, the durability and quality of the laptop would depend on how long and how well it has been used by the previous owner.



Another option is to buy from stores that deal with computers and laptops. You can easily find these stores around you or well-established computer markets.

You would need to be careful when making a purchase from a computer store, as many have been duped in the event of a purchase. Ensure you test-run and confirm it is in good condition before finalizing the purchase.




Cost of MacBook Pro Laptops in Nigeria

Apple 2.7GHz (16GB / 512GB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N1,200,000 – 1,400,000

Apple 2.2GHz (16GB / 256GB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N800,000 – N850,000

Apple 2.9GHz (32GB / 1TB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro     

Price: N1,280,000 – N1,945,000

Apple 3.5GHz (16GB / 1TB) 13.3 inch MacBook Pro     

Price: N900,000 – N990,000

Apple 2.9GHz (16GB / 512GB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N800,000 – N870,000

Apple 2.9GHz (16GB / 1TB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro     

Price: N900,000 – N940,000

Apple 2.8GHz (16GB / 512GB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N620,000 – N680,000

Apple 2.8GHz (16GB / 256GB) 15.4 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N600,000 – N640,000

Apple 2.7GHz (16GB / 512GB) 13.3 inch MacBook Pro          

Price: N720,000 – N765,000

Apple 2.3GHz (8GB / 128GB) 13.3 inch MacBook Pro  

Price: N430,000 – N435,000

Apple 2.3GHz (8GB / 256GB) 13.3 inch MacBook Pro  

Price: N430,000 – N455,000

Apple 3.1GHz (8GB / 512GB) 13.3 inch MacBook Pro  

Price: N520,000 – N560,000


Factors Affecting the Prices of Apple MacBook Pro Laptops in Nigeria

MacBook Pro comes in different features and different prices, so you should expect to see a model that would cost as much as N1 million and another as less as N400,000. Below is an outline of some factors that affect the prices in Nigeria.



The storage capacity (ROM) of a laptop is the amount of storage space available on the laptop. This space is used to store files, computer programs, videos, photos etc. MacBook Pro laptops have a storage capacity ranging from 128GB to 4TB; the higher the storage capacity the more expensive the laptop.


Processor Speed

The processor speed (GHz) indicates how fast your laptop can perform. This should be one of the factors to consider when choosing a laptop as the type of work you would want to do on the laptop would determine the processor speed you should opt for. The speed is measured in GHz (gigahertz); the higher the numbers the more expensive the laptop.



Apple added several features to the MacBook Pro laptops which definitely means you would have to spend a lot more to acquire your favourite model. Features like the Touch Bar, Touch ID, Force Touch trackpad in the newer models will certainly raise the prices of the laptop while those without these features will definitely be cheaper.



The memory or RAM of a computer is another important factor that affects the prices. The RAM is used to temporarily store running programs and data for the programs. Its capacity will determine how many programs you can run on your computer at once. MacBook Pro laptops have a RAM capacity ranging from 8GB to 32GB.


In Conclusion

When choosing a MacBook Pro Laptop, the first things to consider should be your budget and your needs. As you know, the prices tend to get higher with the addition of more features, storage space, memory and processor speed.

However, your needs should be able to narrow down the specifications you want and you can then align your desired model with your budget.

Remember to also consider the maintenance and cost of spare parts when selecting one, as you may need to replace a few parts after using it for a period of time.


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