Popcorn Making Machine Price in Nigeria 2023

Popcorn business is one of the lucrative businesses for small-scale entrepreneurs as it requires minimal capital to set up and run.

Another great reason to go into this business is that popcorn is quite a popular snack in Nigeria and is in high demand in social gatherings, movie theatres, sporting events, and parties.

You would even operate a mobile popcorn business by adding a popcorn cart to enable you to move around and make sales.

The type of Popcorn machine you use is very important because the quality of the machine also determines the quality of the popcorn you make. No customer wants to buy burnt and tasteless popcorn; they will gladly move to another seller who can provide popcorn with better quality.

There are various kinds of popcorn machines and the one you purchase will depend on your budget and needs. In this article, I’m going to review the prices of popcorn machines in Nigeria and also share information on where to buy popcorn making machines in Nigeria.


Where to Buy Popcorn Machines in Nigeria

Online Shopping Sites

There are various online shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, and Kara that deal on brand new popcorn machines. These sites sell all variety of popcorn machines at different prices but you would also have to foot the bill for the delivery to your doorstep. You can also opt to pick up the machine at any of the online shopping sites pickup stations but this would cost you more in the overall purchase.

It is important to consider the things stated above before purchasing from online shopping sites. Also, you should take note of the warranty and the return policy of the online shipping site in case you are given a faulty popcorn machine or delivered the wrong model.



There are various suppliers and dealers of popcorn machines in Nigeria and you can easily find them in any electronic market near you. If you find it quite difficult to locate a supplier or dealer around you, you can simply ask anyone who is into the popcorn business for directions.

Ensure you take someone with you who is conversant with the features, specifications and operating system of popcorn machines to check the overall condition of the machine before finalizing the purchase. Once again, take note of the warranty period and make sure it is viable before finalizing the purchase.


Where to Buy Used Popcorn Machines For Sale in Nigeria

For those on a limited budget, the best option is to go for used popcorn machines. Although, you will have to deal with the reduced quality and durability of the machine. You can get used popcorn machines in Nigeria from online shopping sites like Jiji and Olx. These sites deal mainly on used products and will definitely have many models of used popcorn machines.

I advise you to follow the guidelines listed above and take extra care when going for a used one to ensure you get a product that will give you the value of your money.


How Much is Popcorn Making Machine in Nigeria?

There are various types of popcorn machines and the features are one of the main factors that affect their prices. You can easily find a home-maker popcorn machine (mostly for home use and not for business) for as little as N8,000 while a commercial electric popcorn machine costs as much as N110,000.

Below is the price list of some of the available ones.


Popcorn Machine Price
Home Popcorn Maker N6,000 – N8,000
Generic Popcorn Machine N11,500 – N12,000
Football Popcorn Maker N11,500 – N12,000
Hot Air Popcorn Maker N8,000 – N10,000
Prestige – Cosmetics Popcorn Maker N20,000 – N22,000
Commercial Electric Popcorn Machine N112,000 – N123,200
Classic Popcorn Maker N27,000 – N30,000
Electric Popcorn Maker N15,500 – N20,000
Mini Popcorn Machine N20,000 – N22,000
Microwave Popcorn Maker N2,000 – N 3,500
Hot Air Popcorn Maker N10,500 – N13,00
Kitchen Popcorn Maker N5,500 – N9,000




Types of Popcorn Machines in Nigeria

Manual Popcorn Machine

This is one of the cheapest types of popcorn machines you can find in Nigeria and a great option for those who are on a tight budget. This type uses gas as a power source and requires a handle on the pot to be turned from time to time to ensure that the popcorn is well fried.

Although the manual popcorn machine might be cheaper upfront, it might cost you a lot more if you start producing popcorn in a large quantity as you would have to fill your gas cylinder continuously to run the machine.


Electricity Powered Popcorn machine

This is the more expensive type that uses electricity. It is more efficient and effective at producing quality popcorn and the top choice of most people venturing into the popcorn business.

However, when buying an electricity-powered popcorn machine, you would also need to purchase a generator to power the machine in the event that you wouldn’t be able to connect to the national power supply (NEPA light) or during the lack of power supply.


Manual/Electricity Powered Popcorn Machine

There are other types that can be operated manually both with the use of gas and electricity. These models are the most efficient but will cost you a lot more. You should only consider this option if your budget is huge enough to accommodate the price. You may take a closer look at the prices listed above to know if you can afford this kind of popcorn machine.


Final Words

When setting up your popcorn business, you might want to purchase the best machine to ensure you produce only top-quality popcorn to attract more customers. However, you should also consider the running cost of the machine to ensure that you are not going overboard by purchasing a machine you can’t afford to run for a long period of time.

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