Submersible Pumping Machine Price in Nigeria 2023

Officially, the responsibility of sourcing and supply of water in Nigeria is shared between the local, state and Federal government.

However, like almost every other thing in Nigeria, things aren’t really how it appears.

Unlike most nations, none of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas can boast of access to a unified central distribution water system.  There are currently no actionable plans by either tier of government to develop a central water distribution system.

Since at least the year 2000, almost 80% of government-owned water systems where un-operational.  To put it succinctly, neither the responsibilities nor plans of the government regarding water supply are clearly defined. While the government should probably be in the best position to handle water distribution, the burden currently and clearly duels with private individuals.

To source for clean drinking water, most of Nigeria’s 200 million population rely considerably on boreholes. Almost all middle-income earners in the country have either drilled a borehole or are considering doing so.  The market for submersible pumping machines in Nigeria is enormously huge as it remains the most important tool in sourcing water from boreholes.

So, if you are looking to get your own borehole, or just a technician interested in current prices, I’ve got you covered.  I’ve put together the prices of popular submersible pumping machines in Nigeria in this article.

There are cheap and durable brands out there but it is particularly hard to track or recommend a lot of them. But if you are willing to toss a coin and take the risk, you’ll easily find them. If you aren’t cut out for risk-taking, here are some reputable submersible pumping machines brands to consider.


Brands of Submersible Pumping Machine in Nigeria

All the brands listed in this article are both popular and durable brands; some with surprisingly impressive track records. However, here’s a couple of brands to look out for when considering a blend of budget-friendliness and durability.



GRANAC is one of the most popular pump brands in Nigeria. With a wide range of selection of innovative pumping technology, GRANAC submersible pumps are patronized by an enormous number of consumers across the country. It offers unerringly crafted, well-designed pumps at relatively budget-friendly prices.



Though not particularly retailed at budget-friendly prices, the Grundfos brand is associated with durability. It is an internationally recognized brand and is currently the largest pump brand in the UK thanks to its years of proven track record. Grundfos pumps are built for the long haul with designs and efficiency above that of competitors. Although the brand has a sterling history of quality and consistency in innovations, it is less patronized in Nigeria probably due to high prices.


How Much is Submersible Pumping Machine in Nigeria?

  • ACI 1HP junior submersible pumping machine – ₦37,000 to ₦40,000
  • Universal chef submersible pumping machine – 0.5 HP – ₦23,000 to ₦30,000
  • Bo-bell Bo 1HP junior submersible pumping machine – ₦26,500 to ₦28,000
  • SAER submersible water pumping machine 1.5HP – ₦155,000 to ₦165,000
  • GRUNDFOS solar submersible water pumping machine – ₦750,000 to ₦800,000
  • OPP submersible water pumping machine – 1.5HP – ₦50,000 to ₦60,000
  • LOLENZY submersible water pumping machine – 1.5HP – ₦90,000 to ₦100,000
  • FINEDAB submersible water pumping machine 1HP – ₦25,000 to ₦30,000
  • PEDROLLO submersible water pumping machine – ₦240,000 to ₦260,000
  • GRANAC submersible pumping machine 1.5HP –₦68,000 to ₦70,000
  • GRANAC submersible pumping machine 10HP ₦190,000 to ₦210,000
  • GRANAC submersible pumping machine- 7.5HP-₦170,000 to ₦190,000




Submersible Water Pump Machine Buying Guide

While submersible pumping machines are predominantly used for the operation of borehole water systems in Nigeria,  there are dozens of other use cases for the machine.

From the evacuation of floodwater and sewage tanks to the pumping of drinking water,  the machine is quite useful for a considerable number of activities.

Irrespective of what you are buying it for, here are some basic features you should consider when buying or budgeting for one.

Consider the old pump

If you are buying a new pumping machine to replace an old or damaged one, checking the specs of the old or damaged one always comes quite handy.

The old pump will most likely have been shipped with a label detailing its specs. This should help you easily identify what pump type to shop for. Important specs to consider include the size or diameter of the discharge tube and the power of the pump.


Consider the power of the pump

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when buying a water pump is its power. The machine is usually rated in Horsepower (HP) and often ranges from about 0.5HP to excess of 15HP for consumer modules. Horsepower determines how powerful the pump is and its capabilities. If you’ll be pumping liquids to a farther distance, you’ll almost certainly need a pump with more Horsepower that can pump fluids at a higher pressure.


Consider the viscosity of the fluid

Apart from water, submersible pumps can be used to pump a wide range of fluids. It is thus very important to consider the viscosity of the liquid you’d be using the pump with when budgeting or shopping for a new one.

The rule for this is pretty simple – go for pumps with a higher power if you’d be pumping thicker fluids and those of average power for less thick or lighter once. This is because the thicker the fluid the harder it is to pump and ultimately the more Horsepower that would be required to pump.

Go for — high Horsepower — heavy-duty pumps for pumping of sewage or wastewater containing dirt, and an average pump for clean drinking water.


Consider the Brand

Submersible pumping machines come in different shapes, sizes, configurations as well as brands. Choosing a good brand might be the key to deciding whether you hit the market soon for a new product or not.

While there are lots of major brands on the market, it’s important to highlight that an enormous number of consumer pumps on the market are ( or were) originally unbranded ( if branded at all).

This is generally thanks to the flooding of the pumping machine market by Chinese manufacturers offering cheaper products. These cheap unbranded products range from the despicably terrible to the surprisingly impressive cadre.


Final Thoughts

After purchasing and installing a submersible pump, one of the most important things to avoid doing is to let the pump run dry. One of the major causes of damages to the machine is allowing the pump to run dry. Often times, this is usually caused by faulty float switches. Before installation or use, ensure that the float switch isn’t faulty and can move freely and unrestrictedly.

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