Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine Price in Nigeria 2023

If you’re thinking of eating a slice from the ever-flourishing groundnut oil wealth, you’re definitely not alone.

Thousands of entrepreneurs find the business quite profitable, no one is going to bat an eye if you go all out for it.

Since the ban on the importation of groundnut oil by the federal government, there has been a gradual shortfall in supply even as demand keeps being on the rise.

For local manufacturers, this means more sales; for new market entrants, it dangles the opportunity of a crazily profitable business.

With a population of almost 200 million, Nigeria’s annual demand for groundnut oil dwarfs the available local capacity. From the production of margarine, cooking, and baking, to the preparation of local snacks, there seems to be an endless list of uses of groundnut oil. After the ever-popular palm oil, groundnut oil is unarguably the most consumed edible oil in the country.

Luckily, groundnut (or peanuts), a primary raw material for the production of groundnut oil, is available in bountiful supplies across the country. Thousands of tons of groundnut are pushed into the market daily from cultivated farms across the country. Fortunately, the machines and equipment needed to transform the groundnut seeds to edible oil are locally available.


Cost of Groundnut Oil Extraction Machines in Nigeria

Below is a collation of the prices of some groundnut oil extraction machines in Nigeria.

It’s important to note that most locally available Groundnut oil extraction machines are not branded and mostly go by generic names. The prices used are those of the different sizes and setups rather than brands.


Average Size Groundnut Oil Press Price

The groundnut oil press machine has been designed to process a large groundnut supply and is also used for other foodstuffs like soybeans and other nuts that may contain oil. The oil press machines can use both electric motors and gear motor, and some are designed to use engines that operate with a belt drive. The size of the machine is also determined by the source of energy supply.

The machine can go as high as N750,000 and this price also varies depending on the materials used in the fabrication of the machine.


Mini Oil Press Machine Price

It is the desire of most Nigerians to go into the groundnut oil extraction business. But one of the determining factors is the availability of capital. Most people are incapacitated as a result of a lack of capital. But with this in mind, engineers that are into the fabrication of groundnut oil machines have designed a mini oil press that can even be used in the comfort of your home.

With this kind of setup, you may not need to seek huge capital to get the bigger machine. The mini oil press can work on a number of seeds as groundnut, walnut, linen Aberdeen sesame seeds, soybeans, and so on. It has the capacity of producing about 6kg of oil in an hour. The price ranges from N100,000 to N150,000. The actual amount you obtain it strongly depends on the manufacturer as well as your bargaining power.


Convertible Oil Press Machine

The convertible oil extraction machine has the capacity to produce about 40kg of oil in an hour and it is utilized in the processing of groundnuts, soya beans, coconut and many other nuts that contain oil. The machine price is worth N600,000


Guangxing Oil Extraction Machine

The Guangxing machine is an imported machine from China. It is preferred by most entrepreneurs because of its ability to give a high yield.  There have been reports of the machine giving yields of 92% oil, leaving just little waste. And its processing method does not affect the quality of your oil.

The Guangxing machine price in Nigeria is N400,000


Zhengzhou auto Oil Extraction Machine

The Zhengzhou auto groundnut oil machine is also fabricated and imported from China by Zhengzhou QIE, a manufacturing company that has spanned over a decade and known for its top-quality machinery. The machine has the capacity to process as much as 20 different types of oil crops which include, groundnut, cottonseed, palm fruit, rice bran, coconut, sesame, soya bean, castor, and so on.

And being an automated machine, it boasts of some special features like energy and power-saving mode and this does not even affect the quality of its output.




How to Make Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

Groundnut oil extraction utilizes a mechanical method that involves a combination of technical processes which can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Preparation of seed
  • Pressing of seed
  • Refining of the oil


Preparation of seeds

This can be a manual process and it involves the selection of the best quality groundnut seeds to separate them from the poor ones. This stage also involves cleaning the seeds to remove sand, plants and other foreign materials that may affect the quality of the oil. The seeds are then subjected to breakage to allow for easier milling at the machine.



This is referred to as the production phase and it involves the loading of the seeds into the machine. They are then pressed as they are being driven into the machine chamber.

The pressure in the chamber will then force the oil out of the nuts, coupled with the increase in temperature in the chamber.

The higher the temperature, the more the oil that is being extracted from the groundnut.

The oil that is squeezed out of the groundnut will then be released via the small holes in the chamber.



This is the final process in groundnut oil extraction and it involves the purification of the extracted oil from the machine.

This is possible with the use of a filter, first, then a refining machine where the oil is loaded in for further purification.

At this phase before packaging for distribution, the extracted oil goes through three processes: Neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization.

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