Price of Sealing Machines in Nigeria 2023

If you run a chin-chin or pure water production business, then you would know the importance of sealing machines and why you would need to get the right one that would perform the job perfectly.

That’s I put together the list of sealing machines in Nigeria and their prices and specifications.

Sealing of items is very important if you want to preserve the freshness of such items.

Those who deal in meat and fruit items would understand the importance of sealing such items to keep them free from contamination. Today, various industries use sealing machines to package items before delivering them to the final consumer.


Where to Buy Sealing Machines in Nigeria


Sealing machines of various types and applications are sold by many suppliers and dealers of such products in the country. You can easily find all the dealers and suppliers of sealing machines in Nigeria on sites like You can also find their address and contact information on the website.

When buying sealing machines from a supplier or dealer, it is important to test-run the machine and check if it is in good condition even though you are buying a brand new sealing machine. Also, take note of the warranty cover and the parts of the machine the warranty covers.


E-commerce Sites

There are a number of shopping websites where you can get various kinds of sealers without having to go to the seller’s location. Online shopping sites like Jumia, Konga, Olx, and Jiji deal in various kinds of sealing machines while Olx and Jiji deal mostly in used sealing machines.

When buying from online sites, the most important things to consider are the return policy and warranty cover. Some websites like Aliexpress request you to pay for shipping if you wish to return the product you bought while others like Jumia and Konga take the full return cost upon themselves.

It is also important to note these sites are simply made up of individual sellers and you should first check for the seller’s authenticity, reliability and trustworthiness before purchasing from that seller.


Cost of Sealing Machines in Nigeria

There are various kinds of sealing machines on the market with different prices to suit the need of every user. The prices of these sealing machines will depend on their capacity, sealing function and type.


Handheld Super Mini Sealing Machine


Material: ABS

Size: Approximately 10×4×4.5cm

Color: Random

Price: N2,000 – N3,000


Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine (Impulse Sealer)


Material: ABS and Meta

Size: 10cm×4cm×5cm approximately.

Color: Pink

Battery: Yes

Price: N1,100 – N2,000


Hand Sealing Machine (Manual)


Seals Polythene bags and other thermoplastic materials

Color: Blue

Weight: 8kg

Price: N12,000 – N14,000


Vacuum Automatic Sealing Machine


Power Source: Electricity

Material: Plastic

Price: N21,000 – 23,000




Prices of Other Sealing Machines in Nigeria

Food Nylon Sealer Machine — N900 –- N1,000

Portable Household Electric Vacuum Packing Machine — N10,500 – N12,000

Electric Nylon Material Sealer & Re-sealer Machine — N1,800 – N2,000

Multifunctional Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer Machine — N26,500 – N30,000

Manual Battery Operated Handheld Mini Nylon Material Sealer/ Re-sealer Machine — N1,000 – N2,000

Impulse Nylon Sealer — N6,500 – N7,500

Compact Portable Automatic Food Sealer/Snacks Bag Sealing Machine — N3,300 – N4,000

110V Electric Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine — N12,800 – N13,000

Nylon Sealing Machine — N5,200 – N7,400

QASA Nylon Sealer (QNS-3200HI) — N7,000 – N10,000

High-Quality Nylon Sealer + Cartridge Gas — N7,500 – N8,000

Electric Nylon Sealing Machine — N12,000 – N13,000

Mini Plastic Bag Sealer — N900 – N3,100


Types of Sealing Machines in Nigeria

There are basically two types of sealing machines and the type you would need to purchase depends on your needs.

Impulse heat sealing machines are sealing machines that require no heating before use and are best used to seal heat-sensitive materials like polythene, foil, nylon, and bubble wrap

Direct heat sealing machines need to be connected to a power source in order to function. They are best suitable for sealing thick materials.

There are various other types that are more specific in their application. They include vacuum sealers, hand sealers, portable sealers, foot sealers, continuous band sealers, and automatic sealers.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Sealing Machine

Before settling for any specific type of sealing and packaging machine, there are some things you need to first consider.


There are various sealing machines with different prices. From the cheap manual handheld portable sealing machines to the expensive vacuum electric sealing machine. When looking for a model, you should also consider the cost. However, the cost is mainly affected by its features and that is another thing to consider.



The type of material you want to seal is another thing to consider when looking for a sealing machine. Impulse heat sealing machines are able to easily seal lighter materials like nylon and polythene but if you are trying to seal something thicker then you should be looking for a direct heat sealing machine. This type is more powerful and also more expensive.



There are various handheld manual sealers which are best for those who wish to move around with their sealers. However, the chances of the sealer breaking or being dropped are increased. Therefore, you’d need to consider the durability of the sealer before purchase. Sealing machines are either made of plastic or metal; the latter will certainly be more durable than the former.



You would find manual, automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines on the market. Your choice should depend on your needs. It is important to note that the controls available on a sealing machine also affect the price.


Wrap Up

I’ve listed the prices of sealing machines. Use the list as a guide and check them out in any sealing machine supplier or dealer near you. You may also visit the online shopping sites listed above to get the sealing machine of your choice.

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