TStv Decoder Price in Nigeria 2023

The introduction of TStv Africa into Nigeria was one of the hottest topics of 2017 as many would not believe they will get a chance to watch their favourite channels and premium content at a much affordable price.

TStv Africa came with a promise to provide premium content similar to those provided by top Pay TV Operators like DStv but at a much cheaper rate.

With over 70 channels in their arsenal, they shot into the Nigerian marketplace.

Today, TStv Africa is a popular sight in many Nigerian homes and a big contender to other affordable Pay TV operators like Startimes and GOtv.

Although watching entertaining channels on the TStv decoder will require you buy the TStv dish (which is one of the main disadvantages), it has one unique feature (more or less) which makes it stand out from other more affordable operators.

The decoders come equipped with PVR function, which means you can record shows. This function is similar to the program recorder found in the DStv Explora decoder, but you will be getting it at a much affordable rate.

In this article, I am going to review the price of TStv decoder in Nigeria.


TStv Packages and Subscription Costs

This operator offers one of the most affordable subscription costs and a flexible payment system which enables you to get access to all the channels on its decoder even though you are paying for less.

Below are the available TStv packages and subscription fees.


TStv Package Price Data
TStv Monthly Bouquet N3,000 10GB
TStv 2 Weeks Bouquet N1,500 5GB
TStv 10 Days Bouquet N1,000 3GB
TStv Weekly Bouquet N750 2GB
TStv 3 days Bouquet N500 1GB
TStv Daily Bouquet N200 500MB


How Much is TStv Decoder in Nigeria?

There has been much confusion about the prices of the decoders in Nigeria as different dealers settle for different prices, making it difficult to place a specific price tag on the decoder. However, I will provide a price range which will enable you budget towards buying yours.

TStv Decoder — N5,000 – N6,000

This offer includes the decoder, dish, and remote. However, you would have to install the decoder yourself. Below is the price including the installation cost.

TStv Decoder (with installation) — N12,000 – N15,000

The price ranges listed above is mostly true if you are hoping to buy from dealers. If you plan to buy from online shopping sites, it would differ and might cost you a lot more than you bargained for.




Where to Buy TStv Decoder in Nigeria

From Dealers

You can get the decoders from any TStv dealer/supplier nearest to you. You can easily find these dealers in electronic marketplaces. If you are unable to locate them, visit their website to get a dealer’s location

Simply log on to TStv dealers location page here. Type in your location details (like country) and location area in the boxes provided. The page will reload and you will be shown a complete list of dealers in your location including their addresses.


Online Shopping Sites

There are several online sites offer the decoders for sale. Check sites like Jumia or Konga to see if they have them in stock. When buying from such sites, it is imperative you check reviews before finalizing the purchase. You may choose to pay on delivery if the option is available.


Features and Things You Should Know About TStv

There are several reasons why TStv grew to become a big contender in the Pay TV industry. One of the reasons is the features it offers and another reason is that it offers these features at a more affordable rate compared with its competitors.

Below, I have listed several features and things you should know about it. These features and facts highlight the reasons why it is one of the best Pay TV operators in Nigeria.

Flexible and Cheap Subscription: It has one of the most flexible and cheapest subscription packages in the history of Pay TV in Nigeria.

Their subscription packages and payment system can only be revealed by Startimes which operates a similar payment system. With TStv, you can pay for your subscription on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

It also makes available subscription packages that last for 3 and 10 days and another for 2 weeks. The good news about the subscription packages is that they all contain the 70+ channels on the decoder. So, you wouldn’t worry about missing your favourite channel just because you are paying less.


Subscription Pause: This feature allows you to pause your subscription when not in use. This is advantageous to those who want to travel and would have to leave the decoder behind. However, you can only pause your subscription for a maximum of 7 days.

Program Recorder: I have previously explained this feature and its function. One more thing you should also know is that TStv provides a storage space of 50GB in its decoder for the recorded shows (videos).

Pause/Play Feature: This is a premium feature offered by only expensive Pay TV operators like DStv but with TStv, you get to pause shows and continue them whenever you feel like.

Free Data: TStv offers its users 20GB data they can use to browse any content of their choice on the internet. However, the amount of data you can use at a given time will be determined by your subscription package. As a user, you can access this data by connecting your phone WiFi to its Hotspot.


Final Words

Although TStv is one of the best and cheapest Pay TV operators, it is not without flaws. If you are going to buy this decoder, you will have to contend with the expensive installation costs. You could install the dish and decoder yourself but it is quite problematic and should be left to a professional. Another flaw is the signal strength which is quite poor, making it difficult to enjoy your favourite shows even in good weather.

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