Cement Bag Price in Nigeria Today 2023

Cement holds buildings together.

It is needed at every stage of building right from the laying of a building’s foundation to wall finishing.

As such, the price of cement must be factored carefully in any building budget.

Cement bags in Nigeria come in 50kg and fortunately, the Nigerian market offers one of the cheapest deals on cement in Africa.

“If you look at the price of cement today, vis-a-vis the price cement is selling in other countries, even in Africa, in terms of dollars, you would see that the price of cement in Nigeria today is probably the cheapest…” – BUA group.

For most people, Dangote cement is the only type of cement in Nigeria but there are lots of other options. Yes, Dangote cement is the most popular but also the most expensive brand in Nigeria.

But is it the best cement in the country?

That would be hard to tell considering that we’ve never heard or seen users of other brands complaining about the quality of cement used in building their homes or offices.

So while we may agree that Dangote cement is the popular choice amongst builders, it has not been proven in any way as the best type of cement in the country.

There are other competing and cheaper brands of cement in Nigeria and if you are looking to cut cost, you might want to check out the various options listed below. This post gives the prices of the various types of cement available in Nigeria.


Types of Cement in Nigeria

  • Dangote Cement
  • Lafarge/Elephant Cement
  • Ashaka Cement
  • Eagle Cement
  • BUA Cement
  • Ibeto Cement


How Much is a Bag of Cement in Nigeria?

Dangote Cement Price in Nigeria

Dangote Cement is the most popular choice among builders in Nigeria. The brand has come a long way and is proudly owned by a Nigerian and operates in major countries in Africa.

It is the most expensive cement brand in Nigeria and is available in every state. The prices of Dangote cement vary from one seller to another and from one part of the country to another.

A 50kg bag of Dangote cement costs around N2,750 while a wholesale consisting of 600 bags is priced at N1,510,000.


Lafarge/Elephant Cement Price in Nigeria

Elephant Cement is indisputably the largest cement dealer in Nigeria after Dangote Cement.

It has been in Nigeria for a very long time but has not enjoyed the same popularity as Dangote Cement. This, however, does not in any way suggest that it is inferior to Dangote Cement or any other brand of cement in the country.

Elephant cement is also called Lafarge Cement, the parent company, which has its parent headquarter in Paris, France.

It is priced at N2,550 per 50kg and N1,470,000 for a wholesale order consisting of 600 bags.


Ashaka Cement Price in Nigeria

Ashaka Cement is another subsidiary of Lafarge Cement and is popularly referred to as the ‘Star of the North’.

The Cement is produced by the Lafarge plant located in Ashaka, a northern part of Nigeria.

It is currently priced at N2,550 per 50kg and N1,470,000 for a wholesale order consisting of 600 bags.




Eagle Cement Price in Nigeria

Eagle Cement is manufactured by a Filipino owned company and has been in the country for quite some time now.

This brand is not as popular as other types of cement in Nigeria and you may have a tough time finding a supplier especially if you live outside major cities like Lagos, Abuja, and kano.

A 50kg bag of Eagle Cement is currently priced at N2,550 while a wholesale consisting of 600 bags is priced at N1,470,000.


BUA Cement Price in Nigeria

The BUA Cement group has been in Nigeria as far back as 1964 and currently owns three major subsidiaries and plants in northern and southern parts of Nigeria.

The BUA group produces as much as two million metric tonnes of cement per annum and own some stakes in Damnaz Cement.

A 50kg bag of BUA Cement is currently priced at N2,550 while a wholesale consisting of 600 bags goes for N1,470,000.


Ibeto Cement Price In Nigeria

Ibeto Cement started out importing Cement in bags from Portland into the country as far back as 1997 and later began the production of cement in Nigeria in 2001 following the ban on the importation of bagged cement by the federal government of Nigeria in 2005.

Today, Ibeto Cement owns a manufacturing company with a production capacity of over a million tons per annum and a storage capacity of 50,000kg per annum.

A 50kg bag of Ibeto Cement is priced at N2,550 while a wholesale consisting of 600 bags is priced at N1,500,000.

Type of Cement Price Per 50kg Price of 600 bags
Dangote Cement N2,750 N1,510,000
Lafarge Cement N2,550 N1,470,000
Ashaka Cement N2,550 N1,470,000
Eagle Cement N2,550 N1,470,000
BUA Cement N2,550 N1,470,000
Ibeto Cement N2,550 N1,500,000

For wholesale order consisting of 600 bags of cement, you’ll need to contact the sales department of any of the manufacturers above to get a good discount.

I’ve made every effort to keep this article as accurate as possible but as with every other product whose prices are not regulated by the federal government, the prices of the various types of types of cement are bound to vary from one seller to another and from one part of the country to another. As such, the prices listed above should be used as a reference only.

There are many other cement manufacturers in Nigeria. Sadly, only a few of them are well-known and even fewer dealers are available on the market.

From the table above, one can easily see that the prices of a 50kg bag of cement are almost the same irrespective of the brand. This goes a long way to show that marketing and ‘age’ and probably not quality are responsible for the popularity of some of the major brands of cement in the country.


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    i will need 600bags of dangotes or Bua cement at osogbo, please how much is it.

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    Danngote cement and Rice plc wish to inform the general public for the sales of cement, contact our sales representative.
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