Cost of Building 4 Flats in Nigeria 2023

Building a house in Nigeria is no small feat. Just the cost of laying the foundation blocks could scare most people away from taking that bold step to own a house.

If you’re reading this, I believe you’re not one of those people and you’ve decided to start the project and you’re looking for information as to how much it will cost you to build 4 flats in Nigeria.

Well, I’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more.

Cost of Building 4 Flats in Nigeria

Estimating the cost of building a house is really difficult as there are many ways a house can be built. The abundance of designs means that a rough estimate could be too small or too large to cover the entire cost of constructing the building.

Before I provide an estimate, I’d love you to understand the type of building I’m talking about here.

Probably, the reason you’re building 4 flats is that you want to rent it out. When it comes to building houses for rent, the cost of constructing the building usually determines the rent to be charged.

You don’t want to go too cheap on construction or the walls will crack and the house will collapse after a few years. And you don’t want to spend too much so that the cost of rent won’t chase away potential tenants.

Whatever the reason that made you decide to construct 4 flats or whatever budget you have, this estimate should provide you with a clear view of what to expect.

The estimate is based on 4 flats of 3 bedrooms each. Depending on how you choose to build yours the cost may be higher or lower than what you will actually get.

Note: the cost of building materials is on the increase. The prices of materials used for this estimate might be slightly higher than what you’ll get on the market.

I’ll assume you’ve already paid for and secured the land, so I’ll leave the cost of acquiring the land out of the quotation.

Pre-Building Costs

  • Survey–N100,000
  • The architectural design of the building–N100,000
  • Lawyers agreement cost (this usually costs 10% of the price of the land)–30,000

Stage 1 Construction – Setting the Foundation

  • 80 tons of sand (sharp and soft)–N120,000
  • 50 tons of granite (N85,000 per 25 tons)–N170,000
  • 150 bags of cement (N1,650 per bag)–N247,500
  • 2500 number of stone-dust blocks (N170 per one)–N425,000
  • BRC Wire Mesh including transport (18 bundles x N7,500)–N135,000
  • Planks and nails for DPC and foundation columns–N75,000
  • Water supply (N5,550 per 500 liters supply)–N22,000
  • Purchase of iron bars for foundation columns–N130,000
  • Laterite for backfilling of foundation (100 tons)–N150,000
  • Purchase of two 2500 litres tank (35,000 per tank)–N70,000


  • Setting out, pegs and profiles, transportation and labor–N15,000
  • Clearing of site and road–N50,000
  • Digging of foundation trenches and column bases–N100,000
  • Casting of foundation concrete and column bases–N40,000
  • Setting of foundation blocks (N40 per block x 2500)–N100,000
  • Backfilling of foundation and compaction–N70,000
  • Iron bending for foundation reinforcement–N50,000
  • Formwork for foundation columns and DPC–N30,000
  • Casting of DPC (German Floor)–N70,000
  • Digging of 2 soakaway pits and 2 septic tanks–N60,000


Other Costs
  • Architect’s supervision (foundation works only)–N150,000
  • Contingencies (refundable if not expended)–N100,000

Grand Total of All Costs (Stage 1)–N2,379,500

The cost of laying the foundation on 4 flats is around N2,379,500. You can bring this price down to N1.9 million or even less, depending on your needs. Remember not to trade quality for quantity or go for less-quality products just to reduce cost.

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Stage 2 Construction

  • 60 tons of sand (N35,000 per 20 tons)–N105,000
  • 25 tons of granite (N85,000 per 25 tons)–N85,000
  • 150 bags of cement (N2,250.00 per bag)–N337,500
  • 4500 numbers of stone-dust blocks (N200 each)–N900,000


Formwork for Lintel, Bean, and Columns
  • 60 numbers of 1x12x12 wood–N42,000
  • 30 numbers of 1x9x12 wood–N21,600
  • 30 numbers of 2x3x12 wood–N9,000
  • 1 bag of 3” nails–N7,000
  • Transport–N5,000


  • Iron rods for lintels, beans, and columns
  • 50 lengths of 12mm rods–N75,000
  • 40 lengths of 16mm rods–N100,000
  • 45 dozens of 10mm rings–N33,750
  • 1 roll of binding wire–N7,000
  • Transport–N5,000



  • Setting of block walls (N40 per block x 4500)–N180,000
  • Formwork for lintels, beams, and columns–N45,000
  • Ironworks for lintels, beans, and columns–N45,000
  • Casting of structural elements–N320,000
  • Contingency–N100,000
  • Architect’s Supervision–N150,000

General Summary–N2,302,250

For the second stage, the cost is pegged at N2,302,250. There are many ways you can beat down the price and save on materials.

Cost of Decking in Nigeria

The proposed building is a storey building of 4 flats. The building you might want to build could be a bungalow of 4 units, which means you won’t need this estimate.

However, if you’re going for a storey building, you could spend between 2 to 3 million for reinforcement bars, wood, concrete, electrical (conduit work), plumbing (conduit work), and workmanship.

Other Costs to Consider

Fencing: 300,000 – 500,000 (including the designs)

Plastering would cost you more than a million, depending on what you want. You’ll also have to consider PVC ceilings for the rooms, POP ceilings for sitting room, floor tiling, aluminum windows, burglary proof for windows, iron doors (entrance doors and internal doors), fittings, wirings, roofing, plumbing, and labor.

The costs of building operations are based on your taste and the type of materials you plan to use on the building.

Overall, the cost of building 4 flats of 3 bedrooms in Nigeria should cost you between 30 and 70 million. This includes the pre-cost of designs and the actual cost of building the structure itself.

The price of materials and the type of materials you choose to go for are very important factors that determine how much it will cost to erect your building. Ensure you ask a number of builders for the prices of materials before going ahead with any quotation from your architect.

Compare Building Materials Prices

7 thoughts on “Cost of Building 4 Flats in Nigeria 2023

  • February 3, 2022 at 11:11 am

    I want to build 4 flat of 2 bedrooms and a four bedroom on a plot of land ..i have a budget of 25million I howfr can that go

  • February 20, 2022 at 3:11 am

    Please i would like to know how much will it cost me to build 9 flats of 3 bedrooms in the east as of 2022 estimate…

  • April 8, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    In this present day Nigeria 25m can’t even take u up to decking level.

  • June 12, 2022 at 9:44 am

    Hello Oby, I’m currently building 4 flats with 3 toilets and a parlor in Enugu East. The N25m will take you as far as the lintel level of the first floor if you are lucky. I mean if you are lucky that the prices of materials remain steady, and you have honest people working for you. My first warning and advice are that no one in the construction industry in Nigeria is completely honest. Watch them very carefully, I do not give anyone a contingency fund. Keep the contingency fund with you and use it when needed. If you give it to them so call the engineers, they will use it first before any incidental. The contingency fund is your money but the engineers think it belongs to them to spend, Always control how many workmen are working on your site at one time. Hire a security man/men you trust to make sure that the truck that the tipper that brought sand did not leave with your bags of cement. Count and video every supply brought to the site. Make sure that the so-call construction engineer is on the site each day to supervise. You must collect receipts and quotes for every item you purchase. Always demand an account of every item and work performed. I will be posting more of my experience based on my current work going on now. Simply, ask your questions and I will answer!

    • August 24, 2022 at 3:20 pm

      thanks for this information

    • September 17, 2022 at 9:22 pm

      Hello sir.
      I intend doing a similar project in Enugu. I’d like to know how much it might take to construct a 4 flats of bedrooms.
      Thank you

  • September 13, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    I need your mobile number, so we can discuss better concerning the clearing of site and road that you wrote #50.000.


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