Pickup Trucks for Sale in Nigeria: Legit Places to Buy From

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new or used pickup truck from a seller online, you need to buy from a site that is reliable, trusted, and cost-effective.

Presently, there are several classified ads or online car dealer sites that offer various vehicles including pickup trucks for sale. These sites claim to have a reliable system that prevents fraud and make sure that you only go home with quality vehicles that offer the value for your money.

After reviewing some of these sites, I found out that only a few of them really match up to the hype. These options are the best online car dealer sites to consider for individuals looking to purchase high-quality pickup trucks.

Below are the legit places to buy pickup trucks for sale in Nigeria.


Where to Get Pickup Trucks for Sale in Nigeria


Locanto is a user-to-user local community classifieds site where you can buy and sell trucks with ease. The site brings users and buyers together on an easy-to-use platform. Selling and buying pickup trucks on the site is completely free of charge. However, Locanto charges sellers a small fee for its premium features which help boost their ads to the top spot.

Buyers can get in touch with sellers without having to pay any charges. But this also means that the site could be prone to fraud as the sellers are not held accountable for sales or mishaps during and after-sales.

If you wish to make a successful purchase, you should request to see and inspect the pickup truck before completing the deal.


Car Dealer Shops

Established in 2013, Car Dealer Shops has grown to become one of the trusted sites for purchasing vehicles including pickup trucks. The site boasts of one of the widest range of vehicles that are sold at a really affordable price.

Just like Locanto, this website doesn’t sell cars or pickup trucks. Instead, it provides an advertising medium for car dealers, car importers, and private sellers to sell their cars and reach customers faster.

  • Website Address: www.cardealershops.com
  • Physical Address: Block 3 Shop 7, Oodua International Model Market, Ojota, Lagos
  • Phone Number:  +2348071023400
  • Email: info.cardealershops@gmail.com



NigeriaCarMart.com is another legit place to try out if you want to meet genuine sellers who only deal with quality vehicles. On this site, you’ll find many models from different brands including Toyota and Nissan.

The site also offers a top-notch customer service that will help make your purchase quick and easy.

NigeriaCarMart.com mostly sells used cars. If you’re looking for a site that sells new pickup trucks, you’ll have to try out options like Locanto or go through the sites listed below.


Cars 45

Through Cars 45, you can get pickup trucks from the most popular brands and at affordable prices. The site is currently ranking as one of the most trusted car dealer sites in Nigeria, so you can trust to have a smooth and worry-free purchase.

Unlike many other car dealer sites, Cars 45 goes a step further to ensure that all the vehicles sold on its site are in good working condition through routine inspection.

You can also request an inspection of the pickup truck you wish to purchase and the site will offer it to you without hesitation.

  • Website Address: www.cars45.com
  • Physical Address: Plot 5, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Phone Number: +234 818 984 0160


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Cheki recently became a top contender in the auto dealership industry. And with its quality services and professional customer support, it’s fast becoming the favorite choice of most Nigerians when it comes to purchasing vehicles.

The site offers a platform for sellers to meet buyers and make transactions. You’ll find a wide range of pickup trucks from many brands. You’ll also be provided with options like new and used (foreign and local) pickup trucks to choose from.

  • Website address: cheki.com.ng
  • Phone Numbers: +234-08139859971
  • Email:  info@cheki.com.ng


Naija Auto

Naija Auto has been in the game of auto dealership for quite some time and it would be totally wrong not to recognize this market leader on this list.

Naija Auto deals on brands like BMW, Peugeot, Ford, Lexus, Nissan, Hyundai, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, which are some of the most popular car brands in the world.

The site allows you to buy, sell, and make inquiries on the car dealership with ease. For most people, this site remains one of the best options to consider. But I advise you to check all the listed options and do a price comparison before settling for a site.

  • Website: naijauto.com
  • Phone Number: +2348097014856
  • Email: help@naijauto.com



Jiji is trusted by many Nigerians. The site also allows sellers to post their ads for free but they’ll be charged a fee to access the premium features.

On Jiji, you can get literally any kind of pickup truck. Even the oldest versions that are off the stores of most car dealers are still sold on the website.

The site has a large number of sellers with different prices, so you’re sure to get something within your budget.

  • Website Address: Jiji.ng
  • Email: support@jiji.ng


Olx Nigeria

Olx is trusted, reliable, and professional when it comes to car dealerships. It is one of the oldest car dealership sites in Nigeria. Olx allows sellers to sell their cars for free (just like many other car dealership sites). However, the popularity of the site means that more buyers are likely to buy from the site than others.

If you’re looking for a place where you can buy the latest or older versions of pickup trucks, then you need to check out Olx’s inventory. There are hundreds of sellers on the site displaying their wares, so you’re definitely sure to get an affordable option if you look well enough.

  • Website Address: olx.com.ng

Update: Olx is now Jiji


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