Price of Pure Water Making Machine in Nigeria 2023

Sachet water production commonly called pure water in Nigeria is a very lucrative business with a large market.

The demand for pure water is continuously on the rise due to its affordability, making it one of the best business ventures for entrepreneurs and investors.

However, going into the pure water production business is not for the faint of hearts as one would incur a lot of costs to set up the business.

You might eventually lose out in the end if you do not manage the business well.

When venturing into the pure water production business, you’ll find out that there are so many things you’ll have to do even before making your first product, and one of them is purchasing a pure water filling and packaging machine.

The type of pure water packaging machine you get will determine how fast you will be able to deliver. That is why getting an automatic pure water packaging machine is the best option. There are several automatic pure water packaging machines and some come with a capacity of up to 2300pcs per hour.


Where to Buy Pure Water Making Machine in Nigeria


You can easily get pure water making machine from any of its dealers and suppliers in the country.

When buying from dealers and suppliers, it is worthy to note that you would be buying at a retail price which could include the cost of clearance and delivery that the supplier or dealer must have incurred during the purchase of the machine.

However, buying from such places might be the best option as you would get the chance to test-run the machine and also check if it is in good condition even though you are buying a brand new one.


Online Shopping Sites

There are various online shopping sites that deal in pure water filling or packaging machines. These sites sell either used or brand new pure water machines. Websites like sell brand new pure water filling or packaging machines at a factory or wholesale price.

That means you can easily get the machine at a much cheaper price if you choose to purchase online.

Several other online shopping sites like and deal mostly on used pure water machines. You may also find brand new ones on this site, but you wouldn’t be getting them at the factory price.


How Much is Pure Water Making Machine in Nigeria?

Below are the prices of pure water machines in Nigeria. These prices are determined by various factors which include customs and clearance fees, delivery fees, features, functionality, and many more.

  • Automatic Pure Water Packaging Machine DXDK-688 –– N2,200,000
  • Dingli AS1000 Pure Water Packaging and Sealing Machine –– N480,000 – N550,000
  • Dingli Pure Water Machine with a capacity of 2100pcs per hour –– N480,000 – 500,000
  • Dingli Pure Water Machine with a capacity of 2200pcs per hour –– N480,000 – 520,000
  • Koyo Pure Water Machine N650,000 –– N680,000
  • ABC Environ Sachet Water Sealing Machine — N490,000 – N750,000
  • Taire Machinery Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N540,000 – N1,100,000
  • Kefai Machinery Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N360,000 – N3,800,000
  • AK Machine Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N540,000 – N580,000
  • AH1000 Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N400,000 – N520,000
  • Wenzhou Huili Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N400,000 – N500,000
  • Cankey Automatic Water Sachet Packaging Machine — N2,900,000 – N5,500,000
  • Dongguan Rainbow Sachet Water Filling & Sealing Machine — N468,000 – N850,000
  • Cegle Sachet Water Filling Machine — N580,000 – N1,100,000
  • Henan Machinery Sachet Water Filling Machine — N940,000 – N960,000
  • SINOPED Automatic Sachet Water Packaging Machine –– N2,200,000 – N11,000,000
  • TOPCN Automatic Sachet Water Sealing Machine –– N360,000 – N710,000
  • Gelgoog Sachet Water Filling Machine — N800,000 – N1,600,000
  • Cosine Sachet Water Filling And Packaging Machine — N360,000 – N1,100,000
  • Genyond Automatic Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N360,000 – N11,000,000
  • Dongtai Sachet Water Filling And Packaging Machine — N830,000 – N1,010,000
  • Sina Ekato Automatic Sachet Water Packaging Machine — N1,800,000 – N2,200,000
  • Anhui Keyo Automatic Sachet Water Machine — N684,000 – N760,000
  • Lianhe Sachet Water Packaging Machine – N360,000 – N1,100,000




Things to Consider When Buying a Pure Water Sealing Machine in Nigeria


One of the main things to consider when buying a pure water machine in Nigeria is the functionality of the machine. Some pure water machines are multi-functional, meaning they can serve as filling and packaging machines. These machines are however quite expensive but might save you the running costs of having two separate machines performing the filling and packaging operations.



The machine manufacturers place a certain warranty on their products that are viable for a certain period of time. It is important to consider the warranty of the pure water machine and what parts of the machine are covered by the warranty before purchase.



The capacity is simply the number of sachets the machine is able to fill or package at any given hour. Some machines have the capacity of 2,100 sachets per hour while others can go as fast as 2,300 sachets per hour. If you’re running a large scale pure water production business, then you would want to consider pure water machines with a very high filling or packaging capacity.



Ease of maintenance is another factor to consider and this is why you should only buy from reputable brands as these brands are more trusted and produce more durable machines.

Another advantage of buying from reputable brands is that you would easily get a repairer to work on the machine whenever it develops a fault. Due to the fact that the brand is quite popular, most repairers would be conversant with its system of operation and easily fix its faulty parts.


Spare parts availability

If the spare parts of the brand you’re settling for are not readily available in your country, then it’s best to change your decision as you would have to change some parts of the machine sooner or later.


Wrap Up

You must have noticed that some pure water machines are quite expensive compared to others. While this is dependent on the features and functionality, the capacity of the machine is also another factor that affects the price.

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