Price of Arik Air Flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos 2023

The journey from Port Harcourt to Lagos by road can be particularly very stressful.

This is especially true due to the bad state of some portions of road linking the two cities.

Thousands of Nigerians transit between the two cities on a monthly basis but there’s still much left to be done in terms of safety and security.

The only viable means of transport between the two cities remains air, a rather costly but safer alternative. Currently, Arik Air is the main airline offering the Port Harcourt to Lagos air route service.

If you are planning your first or next flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos, I’ve put together this list of the current prices of Arik Air flight ticket for this air route.


Arik Air Flight Schedule from Port Harcourt to Lagos

It takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes to get from Port Harcourt to Lagos aboard a commercial airline cruising at an average of 500mph. This involves navigating the over 447km (278 miles) span of airspace between Port Harcourt and Lagos. Usually, flights depart from Port Harcourt Airport (PHC) and lands at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (LOS).

Although Arik is the main airline servicing the Port Harcourt to Lagos air route, airlines like Dana air, Air Peace and MedView airlines offer flights on this route occasionally. All you’ll need for your flight is valid passport and ID documents. The airline may, however, sparingly require some other documents but such documents are usually easily accessed.

When all your flight booking details are sorted out, it’s important to show up at the airport at least an hour and 30 minutes before your flight. This will afford you enough time to sort out all your preflight details like checking in your luggage or making additional enquiries.


How Much is Arik Flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos?

The prices of Arik Air flight between these two cities could be strongly influenced by the time of booking the flight. Listed prices are calculated averages and may vary subtly even under the year in review.


Arik Air Flight Price from Port Harcourt to Lagos (One-Way Ticket)

Economy class – ₦16,500 to ₦25,000

Business Class – ₦32,000 to ₦46,000


Arik Air Flight Price from Port Harcourt to Lagos (Return Ticket)

Economy – ₦33,500 to ₦49,000

Business Class – ₦65,500 to ₦88,000




Generally, the best time to book an Arik Port Harcourt to Lagos flight is weeks or up to 7 days before the flight. This will go a long way in determining just how much you’ll end up paying for your flight. As much as 25% price difference may be applicable when booking your flight a considerable amount of days before your flight is scheduled.

The best time to get the cheapest flight prices is on weekdays like Tuesday, Wednesday and weekends on Saturday. Overall, Saturday is probably the best day of the week to book a flight. You’ll likely pay more for your ticket if you are booking on Sunday and just a few days before the flight.

Also, it’s best to book your flight online if you are a little tech savvy. You get to explore lots of options and spot cheap deals by doing so. The best time of the day to book a flight is early in the morning. This won’t be a problem since you can book online at the comfort of your home.

Opt for flights that depart in the morning; this is the flight that attracts the best deals. However, flights departing in the afternoon during the weekend (particularly Saturdays) are relatively cheaper.

Most people travel by air on Fridays and Sundays, so its best to avoid booking flights scheduled at these times if you need any semblance of cheap deals. These type of in-demand flights are always more expensive than those scheduled on days with fewer passengers. Flights are always least full on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Saturdays. This means airlines are forced to offer price discounts to attract customers during these times. Booking your flight on any of these days is one of the best ways of getting a juicy flight deal.

Additionally, the best month to book your flight is around August. For some reasons, airlines have less traffic during this period and are very likely to lower their ticket prices to boost sales.

Arik Air is also reputable for a series of discount offers and promotions. Being a part of the airline’s promotional programs is always a good way to cut cost and fly at significantly cheaper rates.

Also, there’s currently no significant price difference between buying a one way or return ticket for the Port Harcourt to Lagos air route. The main reason to choose either of the flight would be flexibility and making sure your flight is reserved.


Background on Arik Air

Airk is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s most reputable airlines with routes across the 6 geopolitical zones as well as in different countries. With a fleet size of 22 aircraft, Arik Air boasts one of the largest fleets of aircraft by any local carrier after Air Peace. The airline boasts a domestic flight network covering a huge number of Nigerian city with operational airports. It has about a 60% share of domestic flights, making it the single largest private airline company in Nigeria.

The airline made its first flight in October 2006 and has been among the frontrunners and evangelist for air safety in the aviation industry. Throughout its over 13 years of operation, it has neither suffered any air accidents nor fatal incidences of any kind. The closest to an air mishap was an isolated incident of a smoking cabin aboard a Bombardier Dash 8 flight. The plane, however, made an emergency landing in Ghana with all passengers safe and sound.

Unfortunately, due to financial mismanagement, the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) took control of the airline and is currently its parent company. But since taking over, no serious or actionable financial audit has been carried out to ascertain the causes of the financial problems.

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